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  1. Susanne76

    Flat tire question

    Apologies if this sounds dumb but 20 minutes after I got home and parked in my garage FordPass sent me a Tire Pressure warning and I find one of my rear tires is at 14%. FordPass wants me to tow it to the Dealer but can’t I just have AAA come and tow it to one of the many nearby tire shops...
  2. Susanne76

    Weekly mileage question

    Hi I think this might have been discussed but couldn’t quite find it. Unexpectedly I had a change in my work location and my weekly commute is going to be dramatically reduced from around 200 miles a week to less than 60. It’s a suburban non-freeway drive. This is a good development but do I...
  3. Susanne76

    Service Vehicle Soon message here we go

    Hi this morning I got in the car and got the orange Service Vehicle Soon box with the wrench icon. No messages in FordPass or anywhere else I could find. I have had no charging faults or issues. I didn't drive the car yesterday though and at one point when I checked FordPass it showed the...