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  1. Mauser

    Well, it happened: HVBJB Fault

    2022 GT-PE with 19945kms on it, had it just over a year. The other night while driving home, I got hit with all the faults at once, I was on the highway and immediately lost all my power. Limped home at 30% power, I was right around the corner. I tried everything that was mentioned in the...
  2. Mauser

    Factory wheels will not re-learn with car

    I just removed my winter wheels from the car and re-installed the factory ones. I've tried multiple times going through the "learning" process for the pressure sensors, but the car will NOT pick them up! I've tried at home and thought my winter tires being so close was affecting it, so I drove...
  3. Mauser

    This is starting to get old, fast.. Every DCFC station I hit, I’m happy if i get over 50KW.

    Every DCFC station I hit, I’m happy if i get over 50KW. I just got off the highway, so the battery’s nice and warm, and Im charging at a blistering 41KW, and its slowly dropping as I write this. Ive never hit the max charge rate. Yes, its cold, but not insanely cold. I’m at a brand new station...
  4. Mauser

    Terrible DCFC experience

    I was out of town for most of the day yesterday, drove about 1hr - 1hr 20 minutes from home. not a super long distance. Before returning home, I thought I would top up using a DCFC station, I was at about 43% total charge, so I wanted to bump it up a bit. Long story short, I plugged in, got a...
  5. Mauser

    Job 1 vs Job 2, etc... How do I know what I have and what does it mean

    I've been on the forum a while, and a lot of folks on here mention their model year along with their job number. What is a Job numbers importance? How do I know what my particular vehicle falls under? Thank you in advance,
  6. Mauser

    255/45 R20 Winter tires

    Good afternoon all, I'm shopping around for some winter tires. I picked up a set of 20x8.5" wheels at an amazing deal, I know others are using the same size on their GTPE's with no issue. Shopping for tires, a straight replacement 245/45R20 seems difficult, and more expensive than a...
  7. Mauser

    First Charge Fault

    So I've been charging up until today with zero issue. I have a Grizzle-E at home. I've used Electrify Canada DCFS stations with no issue, and at work in my parking garage, I have access to a Flo level 2 charger. Today (about 15 minutes ago) I got my first Charge Fault error when plugged into...
  8. Mauser

    iOS 16 CarPlay features

    Just wondering if anyone from @Ford Motor Company can confirm if the new features will be available across both displays of the car as advertised in Apple's upcoming iOS 16 update? Like taking over the smaller display, and the climate controls. These things interest me since I do use CarPlay...
  9. Mauser

    FordPass inconsistencies.

    The car's currently plugged in and charging. I'm looking at my FordPass app, on the main screen shows 70% charge, updated 8 minutes ago. But when I open the charge session, it says it's at 77%. Does anyone else see this sort of disparity between the two? (Please ignore that I'm only charging...
  10. Mauser

    Adding climate controls directly to FordPass app?

    Pre-setting the climate while in the car seems a little backwards. Understanding most answers here are simply speculation, but is there any possibility they could add climate control directly to the FordPass app? It would appear communication and control to the entire system is available...
  11. Mauser

    Foot activated lift gate?

    Am I incorrect in assuming the GT-PE comes with a foot-activated lift gate? I don't see any options for it, I was under the impression it came with one?
  12. Mauser

    Ford Mobile Charger.

    Hello all, I have a question about the mobile charger that comes with the MME: Are you able to adjust the amperage draw of the unit? I'm asking, because currently, my house has only a 100A service. I've had several electricians in for quotes and they've all said the same thing: Because I'm...
  13. Mauser

    Calgary GT owners roll call!

    Hello all, Strange request - but we're in a bit of a bind. We have a Premium AWD ER on order, due to be delivered between aug.2 and aug.8. There's a GT-PE that's available to be shipped down from Fort Mac right away. However, there's a concern for me and my wife with the interior - the seats...
  14. Mauser

    GT vs. Non-GT Seats..

    We've signed the order for a Premium and it's due to arrive second week of August. However, my wife and I have been discussing going to a GT instead. Since no one has a GT (or any Mach-E) on their lots, we're trying to figure out if she'd be okay with the different seat in the GT, with the...
  15. Mauser

    Purchasing/Installing modules

    Hello all. Have yet to receive my Mach E - this is my first post (YAY) and I'm wondering if anyone can provide insight into my question. The delivery for my car is currently between Aug. 2 and Aug. 8. I've ordered the Premium trim level, however I was discounted $350 (CAD) from the sale price...