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  1. dixiekidd88

    Thanksgiving trip to SoCal from NorCal FIRST ACTUAL FULL TRIP

    This is our first FULL roundtrip EV experience since getting our MME in 2/2021. We were concerned since the last time we did this trip (xmas 2021) we broke down with the first HVBJB problem. I will split this into 3 parts........ The trip down to SoCal was great, we stopped 4 times to charge...
  2. dixiekidd88

    Pre-Conditioning Battery on trip

    Hello all.... We decided to give it another try again so we are going on our first long distance trip to SoCal from NorCal tomorrow since the first HVBJB failure in Dec. 2021 that was catastrophic for us and left us stranded for days at Christmas. Past 2 years we drove ICE vehicles for the...
  3. dixiekidd88

    Battery SoH @ 31 months 88k miles

    I have posted updates prior with SOH on the battery and was advised to get better accuracy to have charge at 100% and 70s outside temp. Here are updated numbers: 88,080 miles in 31 months Ext AWD Premium 43,983 miles on second HVJB 74 degrees outside 100% charge showing on dash but that...
  4. dixiekidd88

    15-18 DTC reported almost every day

    Since day 1 this car has sent multiple DTC codes and just curious if anyone knows what in the world is going on, are these like small glitches? The car drives fine and haven't had any issues? ANY help would be appreciated!!! Here is what they are: B15E1 97:08 Driver Side LED B15E2 97:08...
  5. dixiekidd88

    UPDATE 85k!!!! SOH INFO

    We still love our Mach-E. It's fun, fast and the technology is awesome! Although we have to pay for charging in our home (no solar) our PGE bill has seen an increase of about $300 or less depending on use. Gas consumption before was around 1000 or more a month so huge savings right there alone...
  6. dixiekidd88

    Mobile Charger, charge fault every few days randomly

    We have been using the mobile charger plugged in to the 240. since we got the MME in February. Over the past few weeks, charge faults have been happening occasionally. This happened early in the evening one night and was missed on the app and could not get to work since it did not charge. Anyone...
  7. dixiekidd88

    6 week delay email going out soon to Mach-E order holders with production from July 5 - October 1

    This email came directly from the EV team at Ford Motor. Customers with orders produced or scheduled from July 5, 2021 through October 1, 2021 will be delayed 6 weeks. Ford is compensating by providing an additional 250kwh through the FordPass app. Vehicles built prior to July 5th are not...
  8. dixiekidd88

    Available stock unit coming in, no addendum or bs

    Iconic Silver AWD Premium Ext range available at plant, first stock unit coming in. No addendum, honoring all programs. Dealership is Bill Brandt Ford in Brentwood, CA feel free to message me for info.
  9. dixiekidd88

    Mach-E Premium Star white w/customizations

    Just got this back from the shop over the weekend. Calipers painted, graphics added, wheels painted, full front end PPF W/ bumper plugs to cover up the holes from front license plate holder and ceramic coated entire vehicle....
  10. dixiekidd88

    Some type of film/ residue on windows

    The windshield has a type of holographic look to it and you can see where the path of the wipers in the front. Tried cleaning with microfiber cloth and doesn't help. There is also a few circles from obvious stickers and also numbers imprinted when looking from inside out. Anyone else have this...
  11. dixiekidd88

    1st MME arrived in Brentwood, CA

    1st MME to arrive in Brentwood at the dealership I work at. Bill Brandt Ford Pre-sold, Premium EXT AWD....