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  1. bshaw

    Any DCFC projects at dealerships near you?

    Bonnell Ford in Winchester, MA has broken ground on 3 DCFC units. I'm not sure what the completion date or kWh capacity will be, but they seem to be making good progress. He did say the chargers will be open to the public and available outside of dealership hours. They also now have 6x L2s...
  2. bshaw

    Fisker the latest EV maker to join Tesla Supercharger network The chance of waiting in line behind any Fisker vehicles seems extremely low.... they have to make and sell the cars before people will need charging options. 2025 seems aggressive, like...
  3. bshaw

    Let the battery cool after driving?

    Anyone have additional info on the recommended "let the battery cool before home charging" advice? Drove for 4-hours straight at highway speeds and HVB temp was only 84 deg F (ambient was 81 deg F). The front vents did not even open when I plugged in immediately after arriving at home. Seems...
  4. bshaw

    Electrify America "maximum power has been reduced"

    Saw this message intermittently on 2 of 4 stations when stopping in Kittery, ME this morning. All were unoccupied, so I used one of the stations without the message, but I still seemed to be limited to ~61kW. 49% starting charge, and Nav preconditioned me to 80 deg F before arrival. I did not...
  5. bshaw

    Early Access Program survey on Home Charging

    I just got an invite to complete a survey about home charging my MME. Took about 10 minutes, had to record a couple of videos. They are sending $20 via paypal for successful participation. Thanks Ford and hope the responses are helpful.
  6. bshaw

    ChargePoint L2 at Logan

    Does anyone know the situation with the free ChargePoint at Logan airport parking? I pulled into level 6 central garage today and there were two spaces open with ChargePoints at them. I was at less than 50%, so I tapped with my app and started charging. Says $0 cost, so that’s nice. The...
  7. bshaw

    EA station “coming soon” for a long time now

    Does anyone know of a reason EA would build out a station and then never activate it? There is an EA coming soon near my house, and I wouldn’t need to use it that often, but would be a nice option to have. I don’t exactly know when they broke ground on this one, but it was about a year ago. I...
  8. bshaw

    Free EA DCFC in Southern Maine (July 31)

    I was in York, Maine for the first time in a few months today. When I looked on plugshare & ABRP apps there are now two DCFC charger locations in the area! On my last trip to Maine in about April/May in the MME, I swear the closest public chargers in this area were in Portsmouth, NH and those...
  9. bshaw

    Scheduled departure vs. Remote start

    Based on how my battery indicator is responding, I think I already know the answer to this question, but perhaps more knowledgeable people than me can explain what the car is doing differently. Apologies if this has been previously discussed/answered, I searched but couldn't find anything. I...
  10. bshaw

    New England Build Dates

    Who has received their build date so far? Mine just rolled off the line yesterday (01/09/2021) -- it is a premium, not FE. Curious to see if the transportation will be coordinated to bring them to the Northeast at about the same time for everyone? From reading some of the data posted on this...
  11. bshaw

    Have most people (not on this site) heard about the Mach-E?

    I watched the MME reveal last year and placed my reservation within 1-2 days afterwards. Many of you placed your reservation immediately, and I wish I had done the same. I'm excited and will take delivery of my premium AWD ER sometime in early '21. However, the people I have told about my...