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  1. Old_Norm

    Come on Ford Pass

    Opened FordPass this morning and the picture of my MME was that of a Maverick (both cars are in my FordPass). My Maverick was still shown as a Maverick. smh
  2. Old_Norm

    Cleaning interior trim

    Looking for suggestions for a good cleaner for hard interior trim (door panels, door sills, etc.) Trying to avoid an Armorall shine. TIA
  3. Old_Norm

    US Treasury Department to allow $7,500 electric vehicle tax credit as point-of-sale rebate starting in January
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  5. Old_Norm

    Still whining.

    The car not me. A few months ago I posted that my car, a 2023 MME Select AWD, had a whine from about 10 to 30 MPH. A Ford rep contacted me on the Forum and told me to take the car in for a check. There is a TSB for 2022 MMEs about the whine. The dealer said there were no fault codes, which I...
  6. Old_Norm

    PlugShare and charging times

    I've look closely at the PlugShare app and I can't find anything relating to charging times. Am I missing it? Or doesn't PlugShare calculate charging time?
  7. Old_Norm

    Message from Ford ref Electrify America price change

    Hi, Timothy, Thank you for being a part of the Ford Family and the BlueOval™ Charge Network. It’s electric vehicle owners like you who make our electric journey possible. We’re reaching out to make you aware of pricing changes that have been implemented by Electrify America®, which are...
  8. Old_Norm

    Difficult to use Ford Pass Rewards points

    I've tried to order several parts from dealers near and far from me on their web sites. None of them have the option of using Ford Pass Rewards points. One web site that I've found that allows the use of points is But their inventory is limited. They don't have...
  9. Old_Norm

    A whole lot of Mach Es going on

    I was able to buy my 2023 MME Select in early January without ordering one. The buyer who had waited months to get the car, cancelled the order the day I showed up to see if the dealer had any to look at. As of today, the same dealer has 10 MMEs on the lot and 15 in transit. The times they are a...
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  11. Old_Norm

    Tesla sent me an Email

    Got this today. This is going to be hard to resist for some EV buyers still on the fence. Model 3 Now Starts at $32,740 After Federal Tax Credit You may now qualify for an increased federal tax credit of $7,500 when you order and take delivery of a new Model 3 or Model Y. Explore...
  12. Old_Norm

    Cooling the SYNC Screen

    I purchased the AOSK Phone Holder. It didn't work out as a phone holder for me so I decided to put it to another use. I thought it might be modified to provide some cooling for the SYNC screen. If you have ever touched the back of the screen on a sunny day you know how incredibly hot it is. The...
  13. Old_Norm

    Is there a list of Model e Certified Elite Dealers

    I purchased my MME from an out of town dealer so I'll take it to a dealer closer to home for service. I'd like to know which ones, if any, are Model e Certified Elite. Anyone know a source for that information?
  14. Old_Norm

    Modified AOSK Phone Holder Arms

    I wanted the phone holder arm on the AOSK Phone Holder Tray to angle down. A clever modification used by another Forum member didn't allow for a secure enough connection that I was looking for. So I downloaded AOSK's 3D print file for their phone holder (note: the 3D model is not the same as...
  15. Old_Norm

    Ford introduces low interest financing for the Mach E
  16. Old_Norm

    Just got the 360 degree camera for free.

    Thank you Ford! "We hope you’ve been enjoying your 360‑Degree Camera complimentary trial.* The feature is now yours to enjoy complimentary for the life of your vehicle. That’s right – we’re waiving the one‑time $500 purchase price option that would have followed your trial period, with no...
  17. Old_Norm

    Treating the plastic trim

    The plastic trim on my 2023 MME looks faded already. I wanted something to refresh the trim that wasn't too shiny and that would hold up over time. I found this coating comparison I've used this guys tests results to buy products before and was always satisfied with the results. So I tried...
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  19. Old_Norm

    I asked ChatGPT to give me a positive review of the Mach E

    Makes me want to buy another one! :) "The Mustang Mach-E is an impressive electric vehicle that offers a unique blend of style, performance, and practicality. One of the most striking things about the Mach-E is its design, which draws inspiration from the iconic Mustang sports car while...