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  1. AllenXS

    Power-Up 6.7.0

    Or off course? The alternate flight path.
  2. AllenXS

    Do you think we will see a single instance of BC 1.3 via OTA before NYE23?

    Thought it was a red nose, not blue cruise that codes the way. The Mach-e does less methane so you could be on to something.
  3. AllenXS

    (un)Stuck at 6.1.0 - 2021 Only

    Is that what I’ve been doing wrong. Instead of going home for a beer, I should go straight to a brewery. Even if it didn’t work it’s not a wasted trip so good thinking!
  4. AllenXS

    Blue Cruise offer

    With rapidly rising inflation it is technically a lower offer
  5. AllenXS

    Power-Up 6.7.0

    The real North west. Testing if you can still open the frunk in absolute zero?
  6. AllenXS

    Power-Up 6.7.0

    He’s been hiding out in his frunk testing the inside button. Seems it didn’t work.
  7. AllenXS

    Manual update

    Thanks for the article. Decided to check it out and found auto updates had switched off. Turned it on and changed the time. Think I will get an update now that I’ve changed the time.
  8. AllenXS

    Update Schedule Resets to none.

    Went in to check earlier and auto updates was off. Hasn’t happened since the early days
  9. AllenXS

    Power-Up OTA 6.2.1

    Thanks for the offer😊 Would you be able to check 3FMTK3SU1MMA07174 Would enjoy seeing the info
  10. AllenXS

    2021 Mach E broke down and Roadside Assistance never showed up

    Black Friday last year took eight hours. Its a third party service. After six hours they did actually try hard to get it resolved. Follow-up service was good. They did send someone who had no idea how to tow.
  11. AllenXS

    Should I regret buying my 2023 Mach E

    Early owner, lots of miles. Ford learnt a lot from a couple of early failures on my car. It has really settled down and drives well. Live in a sea of teslas in BC Canada. And a growing river of Mach-e. Would do it again. Enjoy your car.
  12. AllenXS


    Yeah, seems I’m in the minority who use it a reasonable amount and often with hands full. Suggests the button won’t be useful if I can’t reach the button anyway! Maybe voice activated - I’ll upgrade for the 2030 model or keep watching the modern science fiction movies.
  13. AllenXS


    Thanks, I was hoping that. Maybe I can get the frunk button instead? 🔜 🫢
  14. AllenXS

    New MFG Charging Site - But There's A Catch

    They would have had some initial resistance so curbing the hours will appease the voters who probably can’t be bothered to vote anyway. In time they’ll hopefully extend once everyone is used to it. Full approval by ‘trial’ - did that all the time when I worked in government. No, no just...
  15. AllenXS

    New MFG Charging Site - But There's A Catch

    And then they’ll complain because of the daytime electrical drain?
  16. AllenXS

    It's November. Where is our Blue cruise update?

    Wow to you too. far from it. I’m suggesting some people are wanting software before it is ready to be released. i am fully aware that ford knows its responsibility in being safe, hence why they are making sure they get it right over others impatience.
  17. AllenXS

    It's November. Where is our Blue cruise update?

    Actually they are. The level of frustration, vitriol and impatience is clearly saying I want my new toy now, don’t care if it’s safe or not. yes I’m frustrated but my car is still running the same today as yesterday, and it’s still great for the minimum two hours I’m in it everyday. they...
  18. AllenXS

    New Member

    Great place to be then. With a mustang shouldn’t it be more of a canter than a run?