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  1. HuntingPudel

    Bay Area Fall Meet-Up

    We should do another Mach-E Meet-Up! Hit the poll for your favorite date(s). Suggestions on where to meet up would be great. We have done Alice's in Woodside and Breajker's Cafe in Redwood City. How's the back parking lot at Ford Greenfield Labs in Palo Alto sound? Or something in Pacifica...
  2. HuntingPudel

    OT - Jim Farley Race Car Driver

    I woke up stupidly early this morning so I popped over to YouTube and watched the Historic Trans Am race from 2021 at Laguna Seca. It was kind of interesting to see Jim Farley was driving an orange Mustang fastback to the win. 😊🐩
  3. HuntingPudel

    A Poodle’s HVBJB Journey

    Brief (maybe not so brief so TL;DR at the end) synopsis of my first HVBJB failure: Note that my 2021 GT-PE is almost always in Unbridled, so that’s how I had the drive mode set. Friday, August 18, 2023, started driving home from work. All appeared normal. The first street was a resident street...
  4. HuntingPudel

    Canadian Magic Docks

    Looks like Magic Docks have been installed in one location in Canada, eh: 😎🐩
  5. HuntingPudel

    WiTricity Article on Wireless Charging

    WiTricity recently published an article comparing their modified MME's wireless charging to a J1772 L2 plug-in charge. 😊🐩 In the video, they do get an SVS notification on the dash, so I don't know if that's an issue related to the charge rate. 🤷‍♂️
  6. HuntingPudel

    California Wants To Make Bidirectional Charging Mandatory For New Electric Vehicles In a nutshell, CA wants all new EVs sold in the state to have bi-directional charging in 2027. Could be an interesting change. 🤷‍♂️🐩
  7. HuntingPudel

    EV Owners Not Happy With Home Charging, Either I don’t necessarily agree with the study since overall I am just fine with my home charging. YMMV. 😊🐩
  8. HuntingPudel

    Bay Area Meet-Up

    There is going to be a Cars & Coffee event in Palo Alto on April 22. Let’s show up in force! 😎🐩 You don’t want me to go with Big Ugly. 🤪🐩
  9. HuntingPudel

    OT - Happy National Puppy Day

    …From your friendly purveyor od show Poodles who get the birds. 😊🐩
  10. HuntingPudel

    Rivian Stuns Investors With Very Bad News

    Rivian Stuns Investors With Very Bad News - TheStreet Rivian Stuns Investors With Very Bad News The EV upstart, seen as a serious rival to Tesla, plans to raise additional capital to finance its operations. The stock falls. LUC OLINGA 21 HOURS AGO The fear of many investors regarding Rivian...
  11. HuntingPudel

    Have I got Egg on My Face!

    I talk a lot of smack about Kick to Open (KtO) not working very well on my car. Well, a few weeks ago a neighbor was talking to me about my car and asked if my car had KtO. I told him that it did and said it didn't work for crap. Of course, my car had to shave this Poodle's topknot. I kicked...
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  13. HuntingPudel

    First MME Duck Hunt

    A friend invited me to go hunting tomorrow morning. I’m going to see how the MME fares with all of my junk in it. My biggest concern at the moment is possibly getting stuck. Next is the HVBJB. I will post back after I do the RT. 😊🐩
  14. HuntingPudel

    Lift Gate Opened on Its Own

    Today on the way back from work I stopped off at a store. I locked my car after I parked and went shopping. Walking back to my car, the lift gate opened when I was about 3 feet from the car. It's never done that before. Pretty sure the Kick to Open sensor didn't open it since I was pretty far...
  15. HuntingPudel

    PSA - Adaptive Cruise

    This morning on the way to work an F150 cut me off. I was using Adaptive Cruise Control to maintain spacing and expected the car to slow down in order to maintain spacing. I had a fun surprise when the car throttled up and I had to hit the brakes in order to prevent rear-ending the F150. Once...
  16. HuntingPudel

    View from an ICE Ford Guy

    One of my cousins who has been a life-long Ford guy (he’s in his 60s) saw my MME for the first time today. He was really jazzed about the car. He recognized the nOtAmUsTaNG crowd and said that while they might have a point, he disagrees. He loved my car and thought it has a place. 😊🐩
  17. HuntingPudel

    Happy Thanksgiving Mach-E Forum People!

    To you and yours, Happy Thanksgiving! Turkey went into the smoker half an hour ago. 😊🐩
  18. HuntingPudel

    Another ICEd EVSE LOL

    I just walked through a parking lot where there is an EVSE at a handicapped space. The car parked there not only was an ICE car, it had no handicap placard or sticker or plate. 😱🐩 To top it all off, most of the lot was empty. Some people have nerve. 🤬🐩
  19. HuntingPudel

    California GT-PE Anti-sway Bars

    Up for grabs. Come and get them. I’m in Foster City.
  20. HuntingPudel

    Bay Area End of Summer Meet-Up

    I guess we missed a Spring meet-up. Anyone up for an end-of-summer meet-up (or maybe we should just forget end of summer and just do a Fall meet-up)? Anyone got a good location? Mid-morning seemed to work best for people in the past. Date/time suggestions? 😎🐩 New Poll! Breakers Cafe in Redwood...