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  1. BlueCruise 1.0 Engaged with Turn Signal On?

    just to make sure, it didn't change the lane for you? it just let you keep hands free BC active while the signal was going?
  2. Extended Warranty Question

    where is the VIN on that screenshot? and are they telling you it is a ford warranty?
  3. Electrify America stations are regularly full now - is EA finally making money?

    i have noticed this in NYC area as well. not always full, but when i first bought this car 2 years ago there was basically always no one. now no matter what time of day/week i go there are always a few cars, and during peak times it is full
  4. Toyota boasts new battery technology with 745-mile range and 10-minute charging time

    they've been boasting about it for many years. here's an article from Dec 2020, saying 500km and 10 minutes in production 2023-2024. in your linked article after the headline all the words are "maybe" words... “If successful, Toyota expects [...]" "According to Toyota, as Yahoo Finance...
  5. You hit what?..... (an ongoing insurance saga)

    dang it same joke now i look like an idiot...
  6. You hit what?..... (an ongoing insurance saga)

    i'm sorry to inform you but i think your spouse hit a second goose.
  7. Model x Viking funeral

    we're not at risk for this, mach e not rated for towing ;)
  8. Purchase Extended Warranty after original 3-year warranty expires

    if you buy the ford one (rather than a dealer warranty) you are supposed to be able to use it at any dealer though the dealers near me also complained / at first told me they wouldn't service me anyway there are different tiers of warranty, the highest tier covers everything except wearables...
  9. PowerUp 6.2.0 Released to EA Owners

    i'm guessing you're in EA? can you post the rest of the change log too thanks
  10. DC Fast Charging is always a disappointment.

    my experience at EA is exactly the same as OP's. charging stops take ~1 hour to go from 20% to 80%, the highest speed for more than a few seconds is ~77kwh, most of the time is spent at 40 in the winter, 50 in the summer. i've plugged in from as low as 8%, never any difference, and i'm excluding...
  11. Can we get a Halloween Mode??

    is this possible / has it been done before? i haven't seen any posts about it if you can point me?
  12. First LFP Journey - Range, Efficiency, and BlueCruise 1.3

    how do you know you have bluecruise 1.3?
  13. Power Up 6.x Poll

    one of these days i'm going to dethrone you as poll king. i think i'll just post the 9.x.x poll now in fact! :D
  14. Control Versions Sync?

    the quote you posted above does not relate to carplay if carplay is not working there is either something you're doing wrong on the user side (something wrong in the car or phone settings), or something broken... if you explain what you're doing folks here can try to help you
  15. Control Versions Sync?

    i'm not really understanding your question, the mach e supported carplay from day 1, there is not a version of sync (that i know of) that did not support it if you are asking for a native apple maps app installed on sync without using a phone, no version of sync (that i know of) supports that
  16. GPS Issues with Android Auto

    is your issue isolated to AA? does it work with no phone plugged in? does it work with carplay? for my case the answer was no to all of those. they did soft and hard reset, in the end the antenna hardware needed to be replaced,
  17. Anyone Else Asked To Pay Diagnostic Fee For In-Warranty Repair?

    i literally had the same problem for about 6 months. it turned out to be the antenna that needed to be completely replaced but it took 3 trips to the dealer because of how incompetent they were. i had a file a complaint with the EV team who had the engineers call the dealer to work with them to...
  18. Fast charging degradation?

    this was my thought exactly, these people either have no ability in reading statistics or there's something they're not telling us because that was not the conclusion of the graph lol we don't get to make up conclusions if we don't like it... the graph shows there's no material difference. if...