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  1. BostonPete

    Charge Assist Coming Soon?

    A Dealer posted some promo info over in the Mach-E Facebook Group one of the things mentioned was "Charge Assist" this is what he posted. I did a search and didn't see any mention of this so I thought I would post it here and see if anyone else has heard of it. September 4th is right around...
  2. BostonPete

    Charge Port Door Won't Close - Part Fell out... Easy fix?

    Hello - First issue with my MME since getting it (other than some software glitches) We had rain then pretty much a flash freeze so my Charge Door was a little difficult to open when I got home from work but nothing crazy. Went I left for work it was a little difficult to close as well. I got...
  3. BostonPete

    OTA Downloads / Wifi how large are they?

    Any Data / Tech guys here able to see if their Mach-E is downloading their OTAs from their wifi? How large of a download are they? Are OTA's downloaded via Wifi or via the onboard modem? Today I got the 2.8.2 Power up and I only see my Mach-E connect to the mothership when I remote started the...
  4. BostonPete

    Massachusetts / Metro West - Window Tinting Recommendations

    Hey everyone I am looking for Recommendations for a shop to get Window Tint done in Metro West Area. Also any info you have on pricing / What you paid and what you had done would be helpful. Is the additional cost for Ceramic worth it?
  5. BostonPete

    Mass Pike and Blue Cruise Disables?

    Anyone notice that when you are on the Mass Pike / Using Brue Cruise and you are approaching one of the towers that goes over the highway that has the cameras and scanners for the Fast Lane / Speedpass Transponders Blue Cruise will display put your hands on the wheel until you get past it? It...
  6. BostonPete

    Massachusetts Ford Connected Charge Station - New in Box $600 - Sold

    Selling a brand new / never opened Ford Connected Charge Station. Would prefer a local sale but would consider shipping if interested.