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  1. azerik

    Feeling bouncy lately? Time for more air in those tires.

    Have you been feeling a little more trott in your drive? Has driving to work become a little more exciting lately? Has your range decreased significantly in the last few weeks? Kids almost puking in the back seat? It's time for, more air in those tires. As range and temperatures drop this time...
  2. azerik

    So, can someone show me all these EV's that can take a 350kW DC charge?

    Aside from a couple of very expensive cars, I'm either too blind to see or too smart to believe there are huge amounts of EV's out there that can chew up 350kW or anything remotely close to it. Reason I bring this up is EA etc can't even keep these chargers running most of the time and...
  3. azerik

    Oh T-mo

    Kudos to the one who put the 'pumps' in this ad.
  4. azerik

    Arizona Clipper Creek HCS40

    Used for years and works perfectly. 7.7kw charge at 32 amps In Phoenix area $75
  5. azerik

    Arizona Sold: Steeda front and rear bars in Phoenix $250

    I have up for sale the front and rear Steeda sway bars. The front is brand new never mounted (Steeda sent me a replacement bar) but really should have the bushings replaced with greaseable ones.. The end links are about 6000 miles old. Rear bar was also driven about 6000 miles. I'd rather hand...
  6. azerik

    Switching to a new phone, remove PaaK first?

    It's upgrade time around here. I'm curious if it's just better to remove PaaK from my current phone before getting a new one or if I accidentally don't remove it if it'll be very hard to remove later without the phone. Or, does the BT key move with the app, not the phone (I'm assuming there is a...
  7. azerik

    Shorted by BOCN 50kw in one charge

    Maybe someone can figure out what I can’t. I plugged into a 150 EA charger for 17 minutes. Yet I somehow put 80kW into my car in that 17 minutes.
  8. azerik

    Safety I say! It's for your own good, sometimes.

    I found out the hard way yesterday when I over shot a crosswalk as the left turn light went red (red light camera would have got me, the guy behind me saw I was having to stop because the car in front of me was probably trying to keep me from getting through the light, as they read facebook on...
  9. azerik

    FYI 10 oz Yeti Lowball cups fit under the armrest

    No, I don’t have them full of Whiskey or White Russians but they fit.
  10. azerik

    ‘I had a hard time getting your hub cap on’

    I can see that..
  11. azerik

    Speaking of pricing things higher than reality

    I just lol'd in my pants. I mean, wow.
  12. azerik

    On the fly EVSE output adjustable? Anyone seen one?

    I'm looking to solve an issue I've had with the cars scheduling, my TOU plan, and possibly an EVSE that has the ability to handle the TOU charing schedule. I have 2 cars. 1 is smaller (Focus Electric with 2017 battery) and doesn't take very long to charge (can only pull 6.6 KW anyway) BUT it's...
  13. azerik

    Driver screen running out of memory I think

    Yesterday I hopped in the car, that had been in the garage on the cord, charged to 85% 2 days ago and still plugged in. When I hit the start button READY didn't show up. That's odd. So I hit it again. Center screen cycles but the driver display is still showing a horse. So I confirm the car is...
  14. azerik

    Post your dumbest mod finds Think these would go well with space white?
  15. azerik

    Arizona 1 GT (daisy) wheel and decent tire for a spare.

    I have a GT wheel without the aero cover that has a flat spot in the rim from a pot hole. The wheel and tire are ok but cause a vibration at 65~75 mph due to the flat spot. The stock Conti GT tire has what appears to be a high spot from the low spot in the wheel, meaning there's 1mm more tread...
  16. azerik

    My Charge ring is nearly the Simon game

    I have searched and so far no luck. Sometimes I open the charge door and I get a red full circle of lights Sometimes I open the charge door and get a white circle of lights. Sometimes I plug in and the ring does it's little dance, in white. Sometimes red. Ford put a ring on it, but I don't have...
  17. azerik

    Do you have to have PaaK or fob to lock the doors using the door pad?

    I could have swore more than once I've locked and unlocked the. car with just the door keypad. Now I find neither lock icon on either front door will lock the door unless I have the fob with me. Am I losing my mind that this used to work?
  18. azerik

    Finally something different on the radio

    After the DCFC update I was redirected to the classic radio station by force lol
  19. azerik

    New Porsche mission X I would love to thanks! Here's my bank account(s).