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  1. JellyBelly

    4.1.2 OTA pushes to Early Access Mach-E owners

    My large screen would not start on Wednesday.. had to reset it for the first time in two years of owning the vehicle.. was worried about failing display and yesterday the new layout showed up suddenly. So the blank screen might be related as others posted. No software update notification on...
  2. JellyBelly

    Power-Up 3.5.3 installed but no video streaming apps nor YouTube

    Yes I had had the same experience on the first day of the install of and after a few hours of ignoring my inputs, the seat memory button press seemed to have worked and the profiles switched back to my profile instead of guest. So far working fine for the past two days after the first...
  3. JellyBelly

    Ford Continues Alexa In-Car Rollout For Mach-E, Now Offering Personalized Voice Commands

    I am not sure an OTA deployment will happen for J1 cars before 2023 given the pace of OTA - so hopefully Ford prioritizes other meaningful requests from users than this.
  4. JellyBelly

    SoCal Mira Loma to dealership timeframe?

    Mine was delivered in less than 2 days last year - I called the dealer and he was already on top of it - unless there are backlogs, it should be 2-3 days for most So Cal regions. Call your dealer if you have not already done so.
  5. JellyBelly

    Optional Product Improvement Program 21G01 - BlueCruise Programming

    Yup - This is what my dealer explained when they did this work (that they cant do it at the dealer service shop but ship to dealers body shop to get this done by a glass sub contractor). Glad I did not see these pics before my recall - I would have fainted:). I did get a lot of secure alerts at...
  6. JellyBelly

    updates ... updates ... UPDATES !!! 2.4.1 ...2.4.2 ...2.4.3 ...2.4.4. !!!

    I have securealert on and I get very delayed notifications but I have not seen any hood open alerts with the2.4.x updates. May be it varies by vehicle config. I have seen some door and trunk alerts but because all my alerts are delayed, I cannot be certain if they are related to normal openings...
  7. JellyBelly

    Met Corporate MME while Charging - Faster Charge Rate Coming (Again)?

    if true it’s great Not great that these dealers get visits for multiple things separately from owners
  8. JellyBelly

    clack and noises from steering wheel

    Nope I don’t hear that with my steering wheel… perhaps should have it checked
  9. JellyBelly

    Securialert broken after 4.13 on Android?

    Spoke too soon… can’t set schedules for alerts… not responding message in red but I can turn the toggle on and off
  10. JellyBelly

    My Assessment of BlueCruise

    The red triangle is telling you to pay attention … the triangles are warning type messages to ask the driver to resume control
  11. JellyBelly

    Comprehensive PowerUp (OTA) Poll (1.x-2.x)

    The systems will eventually sync. You might have to start and run your car for a little while…. Not a sure solution but seemed to have done the trick for me and perhaps a few others
  12. JellyBelly

    My Assessment of BlueCruise

    I agree that BC hands free is not as useful . I have to use it though on out of town longer drives to see how I feel after that. For around town highway driving not needed.
  13. JellyBelly

    My Assessment of BlueCruise

    I don’t think so … just have to use hands on the wheel if you don’t wants hands free… there is no setting yet to turn on just hands free…if you turn off now you turn off lane centering too I believe . I looked at this and did not see anyway to do this.
  14. JellyBelly

    My Assessment of BlueCruise

    Ok fair point I forgot about those job2s
  15. JellyBelly

    OTA - Digital Owner Manual

    Not too many complaints about not receiving this update - everyone worried about getting to 2.5.2/2.5.3 I dont need digital manual though not worried about but but keeping track of te timing of OTA releases to see if there is a trend.