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  1. cbcasas

    California Sold: Mongoose Plus Cable

    Like new, used once or twice. Purchased brand new in December 2022. Can either ship or can be picked up locally (Southern California). Asking for $425 I'll ship anywhere in the USA at no charge. Payment via Zelle or Venmo Asking Price: $425 Payment via CashApp or Credit Card (via Square...
  2. cbcasas

    Is there way to tell if a used GT has the updated HVBJB?

    Looking at upgrading to a used 22 GT but will likely only pull the trigger if I know it has the updated HVBJB. I’d hate to go through the same SSN troubles. So, besides the build date, is there any way to tell?
  3. cbcasas

    Grizzl-E - blinking blue when not in use?

    Recently got a Grizzl-E station and unfortunately it was working great until the past few days. When I need a charge, the station is typically blue, indicating it’s ready to charge. Lately it’s either been blinking blue (meaning it’s plugged in, not charging) or blinking green (meaning it’s...
  4. cbcasas

    Another MME pano roof crack

    Unfortunately I noticed a big crack on my pano roof today. Anyone else get it replaced under warranty? It doesn’t look to be from impact, see pics below—don’t mind my smudge marks, was making sure it was a crack by feeling over it :(
  5. cbcasas

    Does everyone’s heater suck? Or just mine?

    Californian here where it finally hit 60F degrees in the morning (which is enough to freeze us!) Used my heater for the first time and noticed it was hardly pumping warm air after ~20 mins yet “climate use” was using about 15% at the end of my commute. E-Heat was turned on the entire time. I’ve...
  6. cbcasas

    Blur on 360 camera

    Has anyone seen this odd blur on the 360 camera? It cleared away after I restarted the car, but thought it was odd.
  7. cbcasas

    Underside bolts visible after HVBJB replacement?

    Hey all, got my 2021 FE back after my HVBJB failure. I noticed these silver bolts on the underside when looking at my car from the side now--can anybody tell me if these bolts have always been visible from the side? Or maybe they were black bolts before? Or maybe I never noticed them... Thanks...