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  1. Gullwingdmc

    FordPass Signed Out

    Has one had FordPass sign out on its own recently? It happened to me yesterday and my husband today. I just had to sign in again and everything was fine, but it was still odd.
  2. Gullwingdmc

    What did everyone buy? Poll Results

    Last weekend I posted a few "What did you buy?" polls covering Trim, Color, and Battery & Drive. I also posted the same polls on the Mustang Mach-E Owners Facebook group. Here are the aggregated results if anyone is interested.
  3. Gullwingdmc

    What did everyone buy - Battery & Drive

    Part 3, Battery & Drive
  4. Gullwingdmc

    What did everyone buy - Color

    Part 2, color.
  5. Gullwingdmc

    What did everyone buy - Trim Level

    I figured we haven’t done a “What did everyone buy?” poll in a while. Let’s start with trim. Let me know if I forgot one. I also posted this on one of the FB groups, I’ll be curious if the numbers are different on here.
  6. Gullwingdmc

    Power-Up 4.3.4 Is Out

    From a member of the Mustang Mach-E Owners FB group. Sounds like they are finally telling people about preconditioning on the way to a DC fast charger. Also power steering updates.
  7. Gullwingdmc

    “Medium” Cabin Temp Setting in Departure Times

    2 years in and I’m still discovering new things about this car. This weeks discovery, the “Medium” cabin temp setting in the departure times section, despite being orange colored which to me indicates heat, is actually more like setting the climate to 70°F. In the winter it will heat and in the...
  8. Gullwingdmc

    iOS 17 adds real-time charging availability info

    With iOS 17 this year, Apple is further expanding on its set of features in Apple Maps for electric car owners. Starting this year, Apple Maps will show real-time charging availability information and let drivers choose a preferred charging network...
  9. Gullwingdmc

    Inaccurate Temperature Reading?

    Had an odd one today. It was 70° and sunny outside and my car was parked in the driveway so I remote started it to cool I down. When I got in the car was hot and the car was blowing hot air. I turned the car on and the seat heater and the heated wheel was on. I noticed the outside temp read...
  10. Gullwingdmc

    Remember when the Instrument Cluster was supposed to react when you turned in Unbridled mode?

    Because I didn’t. This must have been one of those features that was dropped before the final release, but not before they asked someone to make a drive mode explainer video. That video is still up on Ford’s site too...
  11. Gullwingdmc

    Ford Talks About Level 3 Driver Assist Coming To Next Generation EVs

    Let see how much they plan to gouge for Level 3!
  12. Gullwingdmc

    Rivian developing ‘Apple Watch as a key’ feature

    “In a recent Q&A session this week, Rivian’s head of software development, Wassym Bensaid, revealed that the company is actively testing support for allowing Apple Watch to serve as a key for R1T and R1S vehicles. According to a user on the Rivian Forums, Bensaid said during the Q&A session...
  13. Gullwingdmc

    National Grid Starts Offering Rebate For Level 2 Charger Install ($750)

    For most people it is a $750 rebate for “Installation of a 240-volt circuit or outlet in the garage/parking space for charging an electric vehicle” and “Customers must enroll in the Off-Peak Charging Program to be eligible for the Residential EV Charging Infrastructure Program wiring or charger...
  14. Gullwingdmc

    Putting the Fun in Funeral talking about the Mach-E

    Had an interesting car interaction today. I was going to a friend’s mother’s funeral and when I pulled in the funeral home parking lot and a man from the funeral home walked up to my car (I later found out it was the funeral director). I assumed I was parked in wrong place or something, so I...
  15. Gullwingdmc

    Anyone have good service experiences in Eastern MA?

    Asking for a fellow MME’r. Has anyone had a good (or great) experience with a dealer’s service department, particularly dealing with the Mach-E. My dealership (Bonnell) is ok, but I wouldn’t say that I’d recommend them. They were good with my ICE Fusion, but relatively obstinate when it came to...
  16. Gullwingdmc

    Rear wheel arch flare out

    I’ve always wondered, never asked, what do we think the reason for these little flare outs are for? Aerodynamics?
  17. Gullwingdmc

    RIP Car Icon (2019 - 2023)

    I figured I would start a memorial page for all that miss this nice detail. RIP car icon, I will miss you. I’m sorry that your descendants are a huge disappointment.
  18. Gullwingdmc

    Charge Port Weather Kit

    Has anyone tried this accessory from Ford’s accessory store? Part No: PK9Z10D802A MUSTANG MACH-E 2021-2023 CHARGE PORT WEATHER KIT
  19. Gullwingdmc

    First Tesla Supercharger location with "Magic Dock" CCS compatibility in the US potentially revealed

    From Drive Tesla Canada Tesla accidentally reveals Magic Dock, hints first Supercharger with CCS compatibility will be in Hawthorne January 21, 2023 Darryn John 1 Comment Tesla has already opened up their Supercharger network to owners of other electric vehicles (EVs) in more than one dozen...