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  1. JohnnyForensic

    Speaker Problem

    Happened a few days ago to me too, and I was also in CarPlay. I found that going to the Sirius/XM radio (just the preview channel was fine) and letting it sit a second until it started playing and then moving it back to CarPlay took care of the issue, but that could have just been happenstance...
  2. JohnnyForensic

    How Long do EV Batteries Last? New Research Suggests It's Way Longer Than You Might Think

    I believe it. I have a 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid with nearly 200,000 miles on it with the original hybrid battery and it’s lost no fuel economy (suggesting that the battery is still providing its full hybrid power). I think these things will last much longer than the average consumer thinks.
  3. JohnnyForensic

    Charge Assist Coming Soon?

    I’m not Early Access. If anything, I’ve been proven to be in the “Late Access” program! :p
  4. JohnnyForensic

    Charge Assist Coming Soon?

    Yeah, it just suddenly appeared (I noticed it for the first time this morning at least), but I received no notice of an update or anything going on with the car. It must have been lurking in a previous update just waiting to be turned on by the mothership.
  5. JohnnyForensic

    Mach-E Rally Edition at the Detroit Auto Show

    Forget the rear wing…how is its HVBJB?!
  6. JohnnyForensic

    CarPlay GPS Issues

    Let me rephrase. I believe this is an auto manufacturer stack software problem, not an Apple iPhone software problem.
  7. JohnnyForensic

    CarPlay GPS Issues

    This would be a Ford software stack issue, technically. Wired CarPlay has the option from the automaker to use either the car’s GPS information from its antenna or the iPhone’s. Wireless CarPlay is required to use the car’s GPS information because it’s assumed the phone will be in a pocket or a...
  8. JohnnyForensic

    Charge Assist Coming Soon?

    I’d love this thread a lot more when it’s dead because we all have Charge Assist.
  9. JohnnyForensic

    Post here if you have an active FDRS account and are willing to look up info for others

    @Mike G If I could ask you to do your magic, I'd appreciate it. I'm about to take a pretty long round trip (for me) from VA to SC, and I want to know if there's anything waiting in the queue that I should do before I go. Thank you! 3FMTK3SU1MMA42684
  10. JohnnyForensic

    Charge Assist Coming Soon?

    Some of us would like to know the knowledge that can be known before it's known by some of us.
  11. JohnnyForensic

    Increasing speed from 70 to 80 probably costs you ~25% of your range/efficiency

    Y’all talking about 80 like it’s your daily commute, and in Virginia it’s an automatic reckless driving ticket. 😂
  12. JohnnyForensic

    High Voltage Battery Warning, Service Vehicle Soon & Power Train Malfunction Repair

    On a ‘23. Damn. The new parts really aren’t doing the trick, are they? Sigh.
  13. JohnnyForensic

    Air conditioning in GTPE

    One thing to double check is that you didn't accidentally bump the AC button to the left of the volume dial and turn it off. I started to freak out because I thought my AC was broken and then I finally noticed the AC switch was off. Given what you said, I doubt it's the issue, but it's worth a...
  14. JohnnyForensic

    Charging Education: Drivers desperately need it

    This is an interesting issue to me, as I often choose the 350, because all the EA stations I’ve encountered are 350s EXCEPT for the one that also has the single CHADEMO plug, so rather than block the one CHADEMO plug, I take one of the 350s even though I know it’s a higher capacity than I can...
  15. JohnnyForensic

    ChargePoint Home Flex

    My experience is similar to yours. I’m on 40 amp charging (50 amp circuit) and I have only the flat graphs as well. I’d agree that the new charger thermal issue update is cycling him down when it’s hot, then cycling back up until it hits the thermal limit again.
  16. JohnnyForensic

    Love my MME

    I've gotta ask...original HVBJB?
  17. JohnnyForensic

    HVBJB failure CODE: P0AA2

    This is the one.
  18. JohnnyForensic

    HVBJB failure CODE: P0AA2

    Oh, no. I’m sorry. If you haven’t look up the threads here on how to manage an HVBJB issue. There’s a big megathread.
  19. JohnnyForensic

    Priority Update 23-PU0110-RAD-PS just dropped

    Just got mine 8/18 (‘21 J1.5), it also enabled the frunk button on FordPass. I checked for it before the update—wasn’t there—checked after, and I’m frunkin’.