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  1. My Job 1 car got 6.6.0 today

    I believe the rider got lost on account of riding through the smoke signals. The carrier pigeon got eaten by a mid-sized goshawk, and both Rosencranz and Guildenstern are, regrettably, still dead. At this point, @Mach1E's updates are on a Hello Kitty thumb drive, stashed in the chest pocket of a...
  2. Still, it's no slouch

    Even with the 5 second limit, cold weather, and being in grey bar jail, the GT is still pretty dang peppy. Last night I pulled out from a stop light (33% SoC, 37 degrees outside) and sensed a vehicle next to me being racey (just kept on keeping up, and as we all know if two cars are headed in...
  3. Future Mach-E buyers, please note…

    Whether you want to or not... The rub for me is that if something comes along that I want more it'll cost me an extra $30K to get it. The good news is there's really nothing coming out that I want more for at least 2-3 more years, so the sting won't be quite so bad. Silver trim on a grey MME...
  4. Future Mach-E buyers, please note…

    Funny how that works out, like how off lease vehicles are all worth their residuals. It's a miracle!
  5. Future Mach-E buyers, please note…

    Everyone wants a minivan...
  6. Ford has officially launched their new Feedback feature

    @Mach-E VLOG At 8:24 when you are describing the 1-Pedal mode shutoff, it sounds like Jason grunts maybe in surprise. What was his reaction to you mentioning that? It sounds like he almost did a spit take.
  7. Ford has officially launched their new Feedback feature

    I watched the video (mindblowing concept, I know, like reading the manual!) It does pull a snapshot of the data logs. That could be a powerful system, might make up some ground on Tesla's data advantage.
  8. Ford has officially launched their new Feedback feature

    What kind of feedback are you all sending? Also, what info does the car send with the feedback? A snapshot of the car (systems status, speed, temps, etc)? Historical info?
  9. Mach-E, But Make It Cake

    That's awesome.
  10. How do you get comfortable in the driver seat?

    I find that the seating position doesn't matter much since the bolsters do nothing and I'm never in the same spot in the seat for more than a minute anyway. I adapted to a NASCAR style position way up close (sacrifices for a coupe with infant car seat in the back years ago), which is good for...
  11. How often do you road trip?

    How much of your success is due to good planning, and how much is the infrastructure helping? Your experience is impressive and heartening, but less heartening if you spend days meticulously planning the route. More impressive, though.
  12. Anyone ever get this sort of message? (Vehicle access request)

    STEPHEN is probably the author of a thread about problems registering their Mach e in FordPass.
  13. New PaaK door behavior

    Wow. Different part numbers for left and right. Efficient! Are these programmable? I'm curious what actually triggers them on, when why and how. Curious enough to ask, anyway. No idea how to come up with the answer. I don't want to read the manual (I gratefully outsource that to those who...
  14. New PaaK door behavior

    Post the recent update, I got to the point where I was thinking, "Hey, PaaK seems better, must have been the update. Nice." Now I'm not so sure. Past couple of days seems to be back to normal levels of hit or miss.
  15. After your current MME, What is your next EV?

    Not getting a Toyota, then?
  16. Total miles after reaching full charge

    Just this morning I was thinking to myself, "Self, we haven't seen a cold weather range thread in a while." Now, that tiny hole in my life has been filled. I suspect it will be a small mound before long, and a mountain before Spring.
  17. Beaucoup MACH-E's

    Good lord, and I though white Teslas were bad...
  18. Frunk-Or-Treat ideas?

    I was backing into a spot to set up, and two cars following me backed in, too. Guy next to me saw me pop the hood, and he said, "Shit, it's electric." And turned around. Next car down just pulled across to the other side. We all had a chuckle.
  19. Does your MME attract road debris?

    I noticed many more paint chips further up the hood than I expected today. And lots of nicks, smudges, and splotches on the front grill. What I really notice being attracted to the car is large trucks. 3 times I've been near squished into the guard rail by semi trucks merging into the...