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  1. RockwallRick

    All Girls Garage featuring a Mach-E

    The girls are featuring a Mach-E on their show today. I am going to record it and watch later.
  2. RockwallRick

    10K Today

    It took 13 months to reach this milestone. My Wife insisted on being behind the wheel when it turned over! :)
  3. RockwallRick

    Too many Mach-E’s!

    We live in a small town and yesterday my Wife meets a guy in the Publix parking lot that has one exactly like hers. On top of that I saw a white one drive by! So that makes at least 3 Carbonized Grey MME’s in this town that we know of. Mach-E sightings have suddenly become commonplace around...
  4. RockwallRick

    Florida Drivers Beware! Love Bug season has begun!

    Love Bug season has begun!! I think I pissed some of them off this morning while mowing the lawn but yeah they are NASTY and they love to destroy paint jobs! UGH!!! :mad:
  5. RockwallRick

    Another Mach E

    In the neighborhood and its the same color as ours! I think it might be the same one that used to be in our garage?
  6. RockwallRick

    A Mixed Marriage

    My 18 year old Dodge Ram alongside of my Wife’s Ford Mach-E. ( We don’t call it a Mustang )
  7. RockwallRick


    My quest for another Fob for the MME came to an end today! Thanks to Jarrett Gordon Ford of Davenport for providing the additional FOB at No charge!! :)
  8. RockwallRick

    First Successful Plug and Charge

    And NO CHARGE STATION FAULT!!! :) We went to Cracker Barrel for dinner which happens to be across the Street from the EA station that we have gone to several times before! This time it worked as advertised by Ford! Lol This was only a quick test since I have burned up almost 50kwh pre testing...
  9. RockwallRick

    Winter Haven MME

    I spotted a carbonized copy of our car in a Wendy’s drive thru off 17. Just wondering if the owner is a member of this forum?
  10. RockwallRick

    No longer car less!

    It’s been almost 2 months since I sold my Wife’s C-Max. As of today she now has a brand new MME AWD ER. I found it on the Auto Trader last night. It was a canceled order from a dealer only 25 miles away! She drove it back home in a torrential downpour but now parked safely in our garage. Already...
  11. RockwallRick

    Infinite Blue Premium AWD EXT currently available

    There is a Premium AWD EXT IB currently available at Sarasota Ford. If interested call 888-349-4989 and ask for Lynn. She told me that it is NOT being used as a Demo! My Wife decided to pass because of the dark interior.
  12. RockwallRick

    Like a Tesla!

    Me and my Wife were riding our Radrover fat tire electric bikes through town yesterday. We passed by a group of kids kicking a ball around. One of them looks at my bike and says “ Is that a motorcycle? “ I said “ No, it’s an electric bike. “ Then another one yells out, “ Yeah, like a Tesla! I...