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  1. Tesla verse Audi and Jaguar Charging curve

    Here is a chart comparison of Tesla Model 3 verse two of their compeitiors Tesla is not years ahead of "others"
  2. Ford and VW have a huge multi-billion dollar stake in ARGO AL-the self driving start-up that has ties to CMU in Pittsburgh

    This is just some of the links detailing where investment dollars are going:
  3. State of Michigan offers up to $70K for installation of fast DC car chargers

    This link provides the details: More fast DC chargers are needed in many states. to make longer distance travel more of a reality.
  4. ChargePoint announced a collaborative agreement with NATSO to install electric chargers at 4000 travel plazas and fuel stops by 2030

    From Chargepoints press announcement: From NATSO (represents truck stops and travel plazas) : Appears to...
  5. Lucid Air Sedan traveled over 400 Highway miles on a 110KW battery pack between charges.

    This link: provides the details for the upcoming vehicle. Highway miles of this nature in a BEV are eye-popping. Traveled /cruised at 70mph for long sections of trip...
  6. Audi Officially Launches e-tron Sportback

    This link: provides details about the new Audi. Interesting facts. Includes a top 300 kW charging rate but 100 kW continuous rate while claiming 10-80%...
  7. Real World range testing reveals differences between stated/print "EPA ranges" for most vehicles.

    This link: has the results 1. Hyundai Kona Electric, 259 miles (258 EPA miles) 2. Jaguar I-Pace, 253 miles (234 EPA miles) 2. Kia Niro EV, 253...
  8. Ford Mach E prototype under camo August 2019

    Did anyone think this photo (via Motor Trend) dated August 2019 would be the cross-over Mach E? Many of us thought the more box rear end meant a future SUV model. Unless this is just a body placed over a testing "frame with the motor and battery pack".
  9. $1500 deposit required for order via dealers literature?

    This link is making the thread's claim:
  10. EVgo opens its 800th fast charging location in March 2020

    This link: There are a number of 50Kw CCS and CHAdeMO combo charging stations in Southwestern Pa. I can not tell how many 150kW charging stations they have. Claim to have started the network in 2019...
  11. Lincoln's new EV based on the Rivian skateboard platform will be built in Mexico

    Not a "direct" competitor to the Mach E but: The new battery-powered vehicle will be produced at the Hermosillo Assembly Plant in Mexico. The vehicle will be built atop Rivian's flexible skateboard platform. Yes this is the same plant the Mach E will be built at and Ford's future EV Transit...
  12. Effect of true cold winter weather on EV range as tested in Norway

  13. Tesla hit with "Chinese collective lawsuit from Model 3 owners" for failing to include Tesla' FSD computer

    Tesla is now facing a collective lawsuit from Model 3 owners in China who received their cars without the promised Full Self-Driving Computer as the owners haven’t accepted a simple retrofit.--see more..
  14. Electrify America charge rate for --- is up to 20 miles per minute

    More than 200 miles of range can be delivered from 30 minutes of charging for the Fisker Ocean (15% capacity to 80% capacity). Electrify America’s 150 kW chargers can charge capable vehicles up to 20 miles per minute. Would the Mach E match this?
  15. Electrify America to install 30 standalone EV ARC™ (solar) 2020 stations to carefully selected areas in rural California

    Electrify America is sourcing the chargers from Envision Solar (Nasdaq: EVSI, EVSIW), a San Diego-based sustainable technology company. The EV ARC™ 2020 is a transportable, solar-powered electric vehicle-charging infrastructure product. Each standalone station is equipped with a 4.28-kilowatt...
  16. Fast (level 3) chargers in northern parts of lower Michigan, the UP of Michigan, northern Wisconsin do not exist.

    Any chance that Green Bay Wisconsin, Bay City-West Branch-Grayling-Gaylord-Traverse City will receive such chargers in the future? Makes travel difficult with an EV in these states.
  17. Measurements for the rear cargo area and hatch

    This photo provides details:
  18. LG Chem battery shortage hindering Jaguar

    Jaguar pasing I-Pace production due to this issue. Will this also hinder the Mach-E?
  19. Mach-E crash test results - when does this become public knowledge?

    Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) results become public knowledge for the Mach E when?