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  1. Pirelli73

    How will you mod your Mach-E?

    I know there won't be much modifications we can do to the motors, but does anyone have any cosmetic ideas? I was thinking racing stripes, new wheels (I'll see how the aero wheels look in person), I was thinking about putting a clear vinyl on the front to help protect against bugs and rocks as...
  2. Pirelli73

    Range cost analysis, Tesla, Porsche, Mach E

    Ok, this is from DAErik, a Tesla focused YouTuber. He has really great content. He recently did a road trip charging cost video. I was really shocked. Let's discuss.
  3. Pirelli73

    Dual Motor AWD vs RWD Mach-E. What Did You Order?

    Admin Edit: Ford has shared that 3/4 of all Mach-E reservations are for AWD models. Vote in the poll -- did you reserve an AWD or RWD model? Original post by @Pirelli73 Besides the obvious, what are the pros of a dual motor versus RWD? I'm curious if the extra 20 miles of range on the RWD is...
  4. Pirelli73

    Will you rebadge or stripe your Mach E?

    I've seen several renderings of rebadged and striped Mach E's online. Anyone going to follow suit or leave as is? I've seen a few nice renderings on social media and they look really nice. I have the Star White Metallic on order, I was thinking about putting a black gloss wrap on the roof.
  5. Pirelli73

    Will the Pony on the front illuminate?

    I know there were early images of the Mach E that showed the Pony on the front grill illuminated. The current images don't look like they do. Anyone have any info on this? Will it go into the production model?
  6. Pirelli73

    Select - "Packages Coming Soon"

    I noticed on the reserve page for the Select Mach E, stated "Packages Coming Soon". Anyone have any feedback on this? Will this be an option to change tires, add the sun roof etc. What does everyone think?