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  1. PlusEdison

    EPA Range for Porsche Taycan is 201 Miles

    They’re extended until the 2022/2023. Thanks for your political hatred post. You actually think Congress Tripps the EPA to fudge numbers? The EPA has the most accurate range estimates you can find electric or Carbon powered. Have fun!
  2. PlusEdison

    A look at Mach-E sequential tail light turn signal in action

    It's great. What a good idea! I always loved the sequential signals back since the 1964 Thunderbird! A lot of cars seem to be headed this way with signals but AFAIK Ford did it first! Well done.
  3. PlusEdison

    Does the Mach E being built in Mexico bother you?

    It does me. I ordered a 2nd one yesterday, so 1 GT and 1 Premium on order, but today I found out it’s going to be built in Mexico. If my electric EV is going to be “foreign” anyway that changed things. I’m not ready to cancel yet, but that Rivian, whichwill be built in USA, is looking better...