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  1. Trekkie

    Mach E effect on Ford stock price?

    honestly, I've given up on what affects stock price. I have better luck betting on snail races than predicting the stock market. At the moment I think this is a blip on the radar, and that's about it. They powers that be will watch things, but until something like the F150 comes out, or they...
  2. Trekkie


    I'd like to hope that like myself, the main reason for purchasing this wasn't because it was cheaper than gas, but because I firmly believe gas transportation is damaging this planet. I'm buying it because it's a kick ass car, and gets there without gasoline to do it. I'm also fortunate that I"m...
  3. Trekkie

    The truth about Electrify America's progress and Traveling with the Mach E

    There are states with big holes though, Look at Michigan (hi government interference in the 'free' market). Maybe when Ford sells EVs they'll change the laws, but there are giant swaths of states that still need work. That said, I'm optimistic. If you dose looks onyoutube a few people have...
  4. Trekkie

    What would make you cancel your Mach-E reservation and buy something else?

    If the electricity just magical jumped to the car, maybe their paying $0.13 kw/h ;) however keep in mind that super chargers (and any DCFC system) requires significant electrical infrastructure. Commercial level installs of small substations level cost. WHile they amortize the capital, they...
  5. Trekkie

    Any love for Infinite Blue?

    I hope there is an update in March, would be nice at least. They're showing the car around, now it's time to update everyone who reserved.
  6. Trekkie

    Excellent Q&A with Ford/Mach-E Electric Vehicle Engineer

    Keep in mind though, body shops can fix cars just fine. THis is one of Tesla's weakest points. Body damage on them can't be fixed just anywhere, while Ford has years of experience here. Maybe they can't fix the EV system, but the regular stuff they have tons of experience fixing (fit/finish...
  7. Trekkie

    "GT Performance" Pricing in Canada

    Speaking as a low end model X owner, which costs more than a GT with all the options, there is no limit to the $7500 credit other than how much you're paying in taxes that year. If you pay < $7500 in taxes then you're not getting the rebate, otherwise, you get the rebate. My state hates EVs...
  8. Trekkie

    Excellent Q&A with Ford/Mach-E Electric Vehicle Engineer

    My Model X was the same price as my 2016 Ford Expedition EL it replaced. 550 every six months. i'm also old (48) and haven't wrecked a car, ever, or gotten caught speeding for (knock on wood) almost 15 years...
  9. Trekkie

    Any love for Infinite Blue?

    Our GT reservation is on this color. I'm not sure I would go grabber blue when time to order, I want something else besides white/black/red/silver which seem to be the only options out there. With they had a yellow or orange.
  10. Trekkie

    The TFLNow boys with the Mach-E

    TFL is one of those channels that drives me bonkers. They can be very methodical in testing, and then suddenly they get all esoteric or 'feels' in their responses. That guy doing most of the talking is as big as I am. There isn't a car on this planet that is comfortable in the back except...
  11. Trekkie


    The first five years of my driving life were spent parked outside in Kansas. Every car I owned froze shut at least once a year, one year it got so cold my horn in a Pontiac sunbird shorted out at 2AM and just honked until it burnt the horn out/killed the battery. Woke up to the cops beating...
  12. Trekkie

    What would make you cancel your Mach-E reservation and buy something else?

    I had to google JLR, wasn't familiar with the abbreviation. If that's Jaguar/Land Rover then no, I don't consider them a big manufacturer any more. I couldn't tell you where the LR dealer is in my city, and until two months ago when they built a new dealership I didn't know where the Jag dealer...
  13. Trekkie

    Excellent Q&A with Ford/Mach-E Electric Vehicle Engineer

    I read it as 'we said 150kW because that's what we can do' meaning it'd be dumb to put all the stuff for 350kw in there and then not use it. and then uses the discussion about battery destruction to justify 150 vs 350 kw, while tipping his hat to the more advanced design of the Tesla battery
  14. Trekkie

    Whats better Gas vs Electric?

    The one thing I'll point out is the cost of gas vs cost of charging is a bit skewed and that's the Kona's fault. with some extensive details. If they plugged into the 150KW station and were paying 150KW...
  15. Trekkie

    What would make you cancel your Mach-E reservation and buy something else?

    Some other thoughts on years of tesla watching, and a recent purchase. The Model Y when it comes out first quarter will skew to the 'Long Range' model. Odds are, if they do it like they did the 3 that will come out first, followed by the 'performance' and then the 'short range'. Things...
  16. Trekkie

    Any informed speculation of Ford's "charging network" charging cost in USD per kWh?

    The odds of the USA 'mandating' anything is few and far between, for better or for worse I fear we will have to see a lot more cars released in the US before there is a standard and the BS settles down.
  17. Trekkie

    Ford is going Bankrupt?

    Was unpleasantly surprised to find this in my news feed this morning: Why Bankruptcy Is a Forgone Conclusion for Ford Motor Company Seems that after restructuring and everything, they're out of cash and their bonds will get rated as junk, triggering a bankruptcy.
  18. Trekkie

    Tesla autopilot

    I have a Model X with Autopilot. All you get is lane centering, and adaptive cruise control down to 0 with that. The $7000 Full Self Driving upgrade currently gets you Lane Changing when you detect a slower car, or if you turn on the turnsignal, and will navigate on a highway through the...
  19. Trekkie

    Any range factors experience?

    In the winter my X has been using between 380 - 420 Wh per mile. In the summer that was 280. in that vehicle I lose about 25%. You can monkey around and turn off heating and only use a heated seat and play with it and get it better, because the heater is a big draw as heating air is really...
  20. Trekkie

    Any informed speculation of Ford's "charging network" charging cost in USD per kWh?

    Look up: EVgo, Electrify America, and check out their CCS or DCFS rates for your state. It varies because some states have made it illegal to sell per KW used and you have to charge by time. For Example my home state of NC. It's $0.30 a minute, limited to 45 minutes with EVGO. If I become...