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  1. Mach-E’s Cuautitlan Plant Began Preparing for May 18 Re-Open Last Week

    Sounds like a case of "premium" product with "premium" long term service costs. Ford's own Mach E site says "$431: POTENTIAL ANNUAL SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE SAVINGS"
  2. This bothers me...

    Previous generations of LG batteries are what are used in Ford Focus electric and GM Volt and Bolt, so the lifecycle degradation can be observed from these products. However, they don't seem to have too much drop in general. Perhaps in 5 to 7 years Ford will have an updated pack for that model...
  3. Do any PHEVs have DC Fast Charging?

    Others include the Mitsubishi Outlander Phev and Japanese Honda Clarity Phev. This is likely due to Chademo stations being more common than L2 in Japan.
  4. Ford Announces Mach-E European Deliveries Delayed Until Early 2021 (No Delays For US Customers)

    50k is, from what I understood, due to the battery supply limitation, not vehicle production volume. If they get more batteries they can make more, so it will depend on the situation later next year. That's why they only planned 50k at first. A car plant can do 200-300k units a year without...
  5. Edmunds - Mustang Mach-E vs Tesla Model 3 vs Tesla Model Y

    It has a lot of limitations since it was based on the Model 3 and prioritizes range over features. The main load floor is only for 130 lbs. That's not even 3 full suitcases or 3 cases of water (6 one gallon). It's the same rating as the Model 3. From the manual: "Caution: To avoid damage...
  6. Where do you want to drive but the charging infrastructure isn't available yet?

    There appears to be a local state provider. Wonder how the service is. Their website says. "In Oklahoma, you are never more than fifty miles from a direct current fast charging EV charging station."
  7. Mach e vs. I-Pace

    These have some miles, so probably loaners or demo models, but a great savings option.
  8. Ford releases some info on Mach-E Over-the-air updates (OTA) feature

    Tesla has been hacked more than once. Lucky for them it was not Blackhat hackers.
  9. A goodbye to all

    Very nice, and you still have Federal and local tax incentives in addition to that deal? I personally think it is the best looking in the category, but a little smaller than I would want. It's a proven design though with their I Pace racing series.
  10. Audi Q4 e-tron, starting at 45K

    One thing you see with "luxury" brands is that most features are options. The current base Audi Q5 has few features, but I guess it offers people a lower cost choice for a base unit. They do offer more choices for people willing to pay more though.
  11. Ford and Lincoln cancel Rivian-powered electric vehicle due to the pandemic

    This is the most important thing, if it's optimized for this it's far better than being optimized to do well in the EPA test.
  12. Ford Updates on Mach-E Reservations, Order Bank, Cancellations, Test Drives, Deliveries

    Someone Photoshop added that display image, since it's a computer image not a picture. They didn't place it to match the real dimensions. On an edge lit lcd display there needs to be room for the led strips along the sides, on a more expensive led backlight display that space isn't needed...
  13. Mustang Mach E Plant to open May 4th

    Unfortunate, but it's largely an issue of cost, especially since they are possibly making very low margins in this until sales volumes can grow significantly.
  14. Handles!!

    I forgot to mention this. The door does pop out when you push the button, you are not pulling a mechanical release on the front. It's just a handle pull, but the final shape is not known yet to the public. They also put a capacitor in the door so if the 12 volt battery is dead the door can...
  15. Handles!!

    All the details are not yet known, but at least it can be opened with one finger if holding other items in hands. The Model 3/Y handle requires two motions and most of one hand to be free. You have to push in one end, then grab the other end when it is sticking out.
  16. The guy from the Mach Dad Channel

    Good idea, to justify getting the car. Other things to discuss are the efficiency and possible savings. The Mach E page on Ford's site has an estimated fuel savings and service savings feature. You can look at this to compare vehicle operating costs. Electrical vehicles are far more efficient...
  17. Preparing for Mach-E charging at home - preparation and installing charger

    The NEMA 14-50 outlet can only supply up to 80% of its rated capacity continuously, so 40 amps. The hardwire install equipment mentioned can draw 48 amps, that's beyond the allowable continuous rating for the NEMA 14-50. One thing I didn't notice in the videos, unless I missed it was that the...
  18. What would make you cancel your Mach-E reservation and buy something else?

    That was one of the things I believe will have to happen, the selling price will have to be fixed to include the margins for the manufacturer and dealer. Especially with a new halo type vehicle, they don't want to add confusion to the sales process, if course they can still offer to sell those...
  19. Factory video showing Mach-E details incl pedestrian alert sound and reshaped door handle

    Demonstrating the single finger door open, nice. The sound is good too, like a grumbling electronic sound.
  20. Tax Credits

    There are other CA rebates available for those without the higher income tax ranges. The Replace Your Ride program offers benefits for buying a newer vehicle and disposing of an older one. This is the South Coast AQMD site, but other districts may have this program also...