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  1. Dutch people that ordered a Mach-E?

    Had a chat today with lease company and was told that they are expecting a proposal from Ford NL. To be honest I don't expect much since the additional cost for a lease driver increased with Eur 6000 over a 5y period. Nobody except government can compensate and they also cannot take...
  2. Dutch people that ordered a Mach-E?

    Exactly that scenario. I had asked for exactly that info 2 weeks ago. I do understand that consequences of the Covid could not be foreseen months ago but 2 weeks ago for sure
  3. Dutch people that ordered a Mach-E?

    I will check with the lease company on Monday. Not much hope but honestly the tax advantage was important to choose for this car. I am embarrassed with this tactic of Ford and will cancel as soon as I can. Would be great to have some info from others who managed to cancel a reservation at a...
  4. Dutch people that ordered a Mach-E?

    This is really bad news and all of us have been asking this question for months now. They need to guarantee a 2020 license plate otherwise it need to be canceled. You better go for phev or ice car.
  5. Dutch people that ordered a Mach-E?

    I wanted to do the same but found out price to be very high. I am thinking about doing it later on when it is more clear what the price would be. What is the additional price the dealer agreed on for 19" wheels?
  6. Dutch people that ordered a Mach-E?

    I called the dealer yesterday and changed from Infinite Blue to Star White and indeed was told that the today is the latest date to change colors since they need to confirm the reservations to the factory or Ford NL. It was said to have no implications on delivery date but any change after today...
  7. Dutch people that ordered a Mach-E?

    Geen specifieke tips. Ik wil eigenlijk ruilen van kleur van Infinite Blue naar Space White maar ben benieuwd of dat kan en of het effect heeft op de levertijd. De Space White ziet er heel goed uit in de real life foto en van Infinite Blue nog niks gezien helaas. Probeer morgen de dealer te...
  8. Dutch people that ordered a Mach-E?

    Ik zit met nog een collega bij Athlon. De werkgever heeft aangegeven dat er een afspraak met Broekhuis is over annuleren bij late levering. Er is mij verteld dat bij de Telsa er zelfs autos in Februari nog binnen kwamen met een kenteken van december. Het geeft allemaal niet veel vertrouwen...
  9. Dutch people that ordered a Mach-E?

    I am with Athlon. Indeed also understood from dealer that they did not receive any message about delay. I don't mind when it comes in 2021 as long as it has the 2020 registration. Ordered infinite blue RWD performance pack plus. Could not spend more for the 19inch wheels unfortunately..
  10. Dutch people that ordered a Mach-E?

    Did you check with the dealer? Last day of the year in both cases does not sound very reliable in my opinion
  11. Dutch people that ordered a Mach-E?

    I received confirmation today from lease company for delivery in wk53! of 2020... Anyone else same experience? Will call on Monday with dealer to see if this is a realistic date or not

    It looks awesome. No regrets that I chose for this color! Where do the pictures come from, which location?
  13. Dutch people that ordered a Mach-E?

    That sounds better. Did you get any discount on the package? I tried but was not possible. In the end choose between pack and wheels
  14. Dutch people that ordered a Mach-E?

    I doubted about the 19inch wheels and dealer priced them at eur 2700 so didn't choose them. Aftermarket must be less expensive I hope..
  15. Dutch people that ordered a Mach-E?

    I am convinced. Lets see if they can still promise delivery time in 2020. Compared to the power you will never match that with an ICE car unless you have a very special one
  16. Dutch people that ordered a Mach-E?

    Has anyone seen photo's of the Inifinite Blue version? I also wonder if they can make the 2020 delivery year. If not it is far less interesting and you better go for something else. What do you think? About the car, only think I doubt is if it is sufficient space for 3 kids and 2 adults..
  17. Dutch people that ordered a Mach-E?

    Exact same I have ordered this week. Infinite blue, RWD, ER, TP+. Need to be confirmed by ALD and dealer for delivery 2020. Have visited Amerongen as well. I have doubted long between this one and conventional like vw tiguan or seat tarraco.
  18. AWD Mach-E Shows Off Abilities in Snow & Ice Track Testing

    Nice one. I would expect RWD with some good winter tyres will also be fine for moderate winter condtions. When you have lots of snow and ice you need the AWD
  19. Wheels: 18” vs 19”

    I have exactly the same. Ordered an ER RWD in The Netherlands but the wheels 19"are better looking. Problem is that I cannot find a good photo of the correct 18"to compare. The size of the tyre will be bigger at the 18s so I think / hope they wont look that bad after all. Photos are appreciated