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  1. micstriit

    Question about the interior camera from a privacy standpoint

    to answer my own question, from a privacy standpoint it makes no difference, actually it is worse, because sunglasses don't block IR light
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    Question about the interior camera from a privacy standpoint

    How does a picture taken by a infrared camera looks like compared to a regular camera?
  3. micstriit

    Ford Austria video showing various Sync 4A screens, settings, menus

    on the youtube channel from Ford Switzerland are both videos the 40 second and 80 second version
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    We know that there will be the possibility to use your phone as a key, the same way you can with the Tesla Model 3/Y or use a code at the A pillar. But will there be also a regular key? I assume yes, but do we know?
  5. micstriit

    Swiss Orders?

    Just got a feedback from my Swiss Ford Dealer. I asked: Are there plans for a Roadshow in Switzerland? answered translated: A roadshow was planned for March, but canceled because of Corona. But that means the first Models are already in Switzerland. We will inform you in the next weeks...
  6. micstriit

    Mach-E streaming?

    Remember Tesla added that feature with a software update, so even MME will not support it from beginning, it always can be added on a later time. I hope Ford will come with a kind of an app store that will allow software to be executed in park or when driving, also Android Auto itself will adapt...
  7. micstriit

    Swiss Orders?

    Any order from Switzerland? Did you get any info from your dealer? There was a MME in Switzerland just when the lock down started, anybody knows if there is a roadshow planned in Switzerland this year?
  8. micstriit

    Charging Network in Europe

    so far i never had problems in europe to reach my destination, even my Ioniq only has 200km of range. I would say the difference is that a non Tesla need a little bit of more planning, but not much anymore. Best go to and try some destinations.
  9. micstriit

    Check your orders

    I did find out later that you can also select option 2 with the SR model. I contacted my local dealer in Switzerland and asked if I can change my reservation, they told me I will be able to do it when I place the order.
  10. micstriit

    The guy from the Mach Dad Channel

    I love your videos, keep going!
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    So I joined the Mustang Club of America . . .

    maybe something you should ask a hater like this. What do you think how a Mustang will be powered in 50 years from now, if they still exist then? with a internal combustion engine? I think that everyone is aware that Ice car have no long future anymore. ICE cars are at the end of their evolution...
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    Will EVs kill the grid? EV charging explained

    important is that EVs start to support bidirectional charging asap. so EVs can be used as a battery storage, that would help the grid a lot, specially when the grid get smarter.
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    🤦🏻‍♂️ Really!?

    I first considered to start a partition to confidence Ford only to build black cars. Only a black Ford is a real Ford, nobody less than Henry Ford said so! But I don't wanna misuse that platform for a joke. Anyway one of the appeals to me of the MME is to be different to shake things up.
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    Rendering: Electric Camaro SUV as competitor to the Mustang Mach-E

    maybe it's the color but that looks a lot like the EV coming from Skoda the iV
  15. micstriit

    Only two Mustang Mach-E in Europe

    Only two Mustang Mach-E in Europe YET
  16. micstriit

    Are you new to Ford/Mustang?

    I did grow up in a Ford Sierra. Then my first car was a Ford Fiesta, followed by 3 Fiats (Ritmo, Bravo, Stilo), a Lancia Thema, Little Chevy ( cannot remember the type), Nissan Qashqai, Dodge Journey (terrible car), Ford Grand C-MAX, then my first EV a Renault Twizy for years ago, followed by...
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    My hands-on impressions of the Mach-E

    I had a reservation for the ID.3 first edition (58kwh Battery) in Switzerland, In Switzerland you can only have the first edition "Max" version for 54'000 CHF (55'600 USD) ! That is far away of the price they first told. Sure it has more features than the base "first edition", but the car still...
  18. micstriit

    My hands-on impressions of the Mach-E

    new video from germany there is no new info I was not aware of in the video. the reviewer likes the car specifically for that price. he thinks the quality is better than his Kona electric. he has a reservation for an VW ID.3 and he thinks that he can get a bigger and better car for the same...
  19. micstriit

    My hands-on impressions of the Mach-E

    I know someone that did import a Fiat 500 electric from the US (it is not sold as an electric in Europe). It was hell to fit a type 2 plug on it, so you can charge it here. Also a lot of EVs from Asia only support single phase AC charging, because in the US and Asia private residences only have...