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  1. Handles!!

    If someone walks by that close, they deserve to be "hooked"!
  2. Looks like Mach-E, F-150 & Bronco will all be delayed for around 2 months.

    So I wonder what the GT's get pushed to now. Might as well be '22 model year at some point.

    Bronco Sport production had already been pushed back two months, to September 7, at Ford's Hermosillo, Mexico, facility. Based on the latest publicized timeline, the Job One for the F-150 happens in Dearborn on October 12 and in Kansas City on November 9. We had previously never gotten dates for...
  4. Maryland EV Incentive

  5. Ford releases some info on Mach-E Over-the-air updates (OTA) feature

    Well then when I get my GT in 12 months or more from now, I can then, get the update in two minutes. great... o_O
  6. Audi Q4 e-tron, starting at 45K

    Be prepared to get used to squinting to look out the rear slit, I mean window...
  7. Reservation cancelled by me

    We are still a year away for GT production, so I hope they don't press for final GT orders this soon.
  8. Mach-E order bank opens May 11, 2020 (Update: possibly delayed to June-July)

    "you can cancel this free of charge at any time until you confirm your order. " so does this mean there fill be a non-refundable fee to cancel after confirming your order?
  9. Ford Updates on Mach-E Reservations, Order Bank, Cancellations, Test Drives, Deliveries

    Those days are a thing of the past I'm afraid... new world order
  10. Polestar 2 US price announced

    This forum is more active on the Polestar than the volvo/polestar forum itself. hmm....
  11. Magneride, 360 camera and options not on spec sheet?

    The camera, park assist and glass roof are optional on the Gt. translate .. extra cost, and kind of an odd choice to leave off of the top end model. ugg...
  12. BMW cites Mach-E as a reason for cancelling EV SUV for US market

    These sub 250 miles range models are kind of pathetic for anything but city driving as far as i am concerned, but a few years from now I would expect big changes.
  13. Real World range testing reveals differences between stated/print "EPA ranges" for most vehicles.

    This tells me that most people drive with a heavy right foot. well duh... by the way, during the virus, gas mileage must have dropped like a lead balloon. Average highway speed seems to be up at least +25mph.
  14. Mach-E GT Options

    I would like to see all the upgrade options for the GT and their costs soon. such as the glass roof, upgraded wheels like the car at the auto shows, etc.
  15. Reservation to customer order/deposit conversion detailed for dealers

    I'm not keen on having to pay more than the $500 for a GT order where I would have to tie up more money till maybe summer of 21? Doesn't seem worth it now. Are all the convert to "orders" being done at the same time, including next years GT"s?
  16. First Model Year Build Quality

    I'm hoping any glaring issues will be sorted by the time the GT's roll. Really that is the only good thing about their long wait.
  17. Exciting thought for an American who ordered a premium.

    I get that, but realistically, this whole thing is alomost a year out still. What sort of updates are going to make any real difference to that?
  18. I'm going to miss the satellite view of the maps...or will I?

    Placing that big volume knob in the screen is such a waste of space. And kinda wierd that the bottom bezel is so much smaller than the top one.
  19. Exciting thought for an American who ordered a premium.

    There does seem to be an overall trend towards most EV releases go to EU or China and may or may not come to the US at all. I guess the overseas market for EV is just more robust for whatever reason. I think that little be little the EV demand in the US is creeping up though. Again, I predict...