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  1. Ford Europe Describes 5 Innovative Mach-E Features, Including OTA Updates

    I wouldn't think so in regards to opening the trunk/frunk/etc. PaaK would/should work just like your FoB. Just as the Mach-E knows your phone is in your pocket to unlock the doors, it'd also let you open the trunk just by standing next to the car with your phone on your person and pressing...
  2. Let's start thinking about a delivery time Mid-Atlantic meetup

    Well - like you said, I'd be up for a meet-up!
  3. Ford Updates on Mach-E Reservations, Order Bank, Cancellations, Test Drives, Deliveries

    I guess I'm a bit confused about this. Anytime I've ordered a vehicle in the past I've been able to see and drive it before actually signing the purchase paperwork. I have had to put down a deposit (refundable) to order, but if the vehicle showed up and I hated it, I could turn it down. It...
  4. First Real Life Look at Grabber Blue First Edition Mach-E

    I'd guess it's an FE as well, though we know that pre-production models have sometimes been a mix-match of trim level features.
  5. GRABBER BLUE Mach-E Club

    Grabber Blue :) I believe we both got to see the GT in person at the Washington Auto Show...
  6. GRABBER BLUE Mach-E Club

    Is this the first time we've seen an actual Grabber Blue non-GT (so FE)?
  7. Ford Updates on Mach-E Reservations, Order Bank, Cancellations, Test Drives, Deliveries

    I'm putting as much good faith/energy into getting mine this year as possible (for tax purposes). I'll be a bit screwed if it's delayed until next year. Hopefully my FE reservation (6038) will put me near the start of deliveries. As much as I'd like to test drive it beforehand, I'm not opposed...
  8. A lot of information on Mach-E

    I may be mistaken, though I'm pretty sure this is how it works on a lot of vehicles with smart keys. If you lock the car from the inside (using the lock/unlock buttons on the door) while a key is present (ie - your main key fob) it will not unlock from the outside while that key is present...
  9. Mach-E at Houston Auto Show

    Had the same buttons on the GT at the Washington Auto Show - Pressing one made some noise and caused the GT's blinkers to flash. They used it in their little "presentation" at the end when they called some kids up for a trivia game (first the press their button got to answer/etc).
  10. Mach-E stole the show in D.C. (Washington Auto Show)

    Oh yea - I had to change the white balance a bit to off-set the blue lights all around it.
  11. Mustang Mach E GT - Grabber Blue at DC Show

    I got to do the ride along at the show, was impressed by the handling.
  12. Mach-E stole the show in D.C. (Washington Auto Show)

    I went to the show Saturday evening and got to see the GT on display - couldn't get on the white platform or look inside but they did open the doors/trunk/frunk. It was shorter than I was thinking, which is great for me. I have a FE in Grabber Blue on reservation and I'm very happy with my...
  13. Mach-E stole the show in D.C. (Washington Auto Show)

    I'm considering driving up to DC (from Roanoke, VA) tomorrow to see it in person. Any idea if they'll let general admission folks up close to it?
  14. Mach-E Waiting Room. Check in with your reservation number!

    Reserved as soon as page was available on announcement night: 11/17/2019 - 10006038 - First Ed Grabber Blue
  15. Pictures of Mach E Prototype - Trev9667 on Youtube

    Yea - I got the same brochure from my local dealer. They're definitely from Ford directly.
  16. I just got a Mach E brochure from my dealer

    I really hope the optional 20" Premium (GT-only) wheels will be available at some point, I love them. I reserved a 1st edition, so they won't be an option when ordering, but if I can get them down the road that'd be awesome.
  17. Regenerative braking?

    It certainly has regenerative breaking, and I've seen a "1-Pedal Driving" option in the UI. I also think one of the videos mentions regen happening when you initially depress the brake pedal as well.
  18. 50,000 Mach-E production limit for first year

    I also reserved a First Edition as soon as the link became active during the announcement and I have a low 6K number as well.
  19. LIVE Up-Close Photo Gallery: 2021 Mach-E Grabber Blue GT, Space White Premium, Interior & Color Samples!

    Is the Mustang emblem on the front illuminated on the GT model? Wonder if that'll be an option for other models as well...