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  1. Let's start thinking about a delivery time Mid-Atlantic meetup

    Grabber Blue with a Black interior
  2. Let's start thinking about a delivery time Mid-Atlantic meetup

    Premium awd with extended battery.
  3. Let's start thinking about a delivery time Mid-Atlantic meetup

    Sounds good to me. I live in Cumberland, MD. It would be a great ride.
  4. Reopening America ?

    The moment any individual tells another that he has no rights except those granted by a government, he has placed himself in the role of God. God grants us our rights, not man. Anyone who denies that our nation is founded on this bedrock is either ignorant of our history or has been misled by...
  5. Reopening America ?

    My local paper recently published their editorial next to a political cartoon which labeled Christisans as, "Covidiots". I prompted me to write down my thoughts on this issue. They appear below. I read your editorial urging us to vote by mail in today’s edition. I saw immediately to its...
  6. Production will probably be delayed.

    The infection rate for this virus is proving to be far less than that experienced in China where the virus first appeared. The point of expression of the virus is an unusually unprepared area with few modern medial technologies. The death rate is dropping as it spreads to nations who enjoy...
  7. Production will probably be delayed.

    I'm hoping for the best. I believe the pandemic is being hyped by the media and the politicians for election year advantage. Let us be safe and see what happens.
  8. Official List: No ADM Mach-E Ford Dealers

    My thought is to show some loyalty to the dealer I selected, absent any reasons associated with that dealer's processing of my reservation.
  9. Official List: No ADM Mach-E Ford Dealers

    I received a reply from my dealer on my inquiry about ADMs. Shaffer Ford of Cumberland, MD will not charge any ADMs.
  10. Recommended Charger

    Thanks. I get a similar credit from my utility company but no list of recommendations.
  11. Recommended Charger

  12. Recommended Charger

    Does anyone know which wi fi connected charger Ford recommends?
  13. CNBC Special: Why Ford is Risking Mustang to Take on Tesla

    Ford has once again been inspired by an insight into its customers' desires. I have been waiting for an EV Mustang for years. But, it had to have many of the affordable advantages of a 300 mile (or greater) range coupled with great performance and comfort. I am 71 years old and could not...
  14. LOL at Some Calls With Dealers About the Mach-E

    My dealer was not supportive of Ford's move to EV's. He was concerned about his service department losing a lot of work because the EV's require significantly less maintenance. His father was a dealer and introduced him to the line when he was 14. He is now in his 80's. He is a stellar...
  15. Submit Your Questions / Requests for Mach-E LA Show Debut

    When will we be able to amend our selections for interior and other extras as they appear in the reservation. I have changed my mind on the interior color.