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  1. Mopey

    Mach E effect on Ford stock price?

    What's your address? 😈
  2. Mopey

    Wait for Mach-E or not?

    The arguments for a long stretch-out in Mach E deliveries supposes the plant in Mexico can only produce autos at a rate of approx. 4,200 vehicles per month (50,000/year). New model, or not, that is a very modest production rate for a modern auto plant. In all likelihood, Ford can still meet...
  3. Mopey

    Breaking: 2021 Mach-E Specs Increased Across The Board (HP, LB-FT, KW)!

    The new HP and Torque numbers were approx. 5% better, so I'd take a wild guess and say range will be approx. 5% better.
  4. Mopey

    Factory video showing Mach-E details incl pedestrian alert sound and reshaped door handle

    Another "bigfoot" blurred image snipped from a photo of one of the vehicles the engineers drove home for testing. Shows a bit of the upward curve. This design does look less likely to trap your fingers between the handle and the door.
  5. Mopey

    Beat the Rush. Order a vanity plate yet?

    You may not need to wait. If your state allows you to transfer tags from one car to another - go for it. I'm hoping to negotiate a little bit off the price of the car in exchange for the free advertising.
  6. Mopey

    Mach-E Waiting Room. Check in with your reservation number!

    xxx5002? Did you leave out a number? With your order date, one would expect 45002 or 50002
  7. Mopey

    Battery Technology vs. Winter

    50% decrease in range is the number I have been told to expect for Alaskan winters. Fortunately, it is only a 5 minute commute to work. With a heated garage at home and a company-provided plugin at work, I expect both me and the battery pack to be "toasty" warm.
  8. Mopey

    You asked the questions ... now get the answers (well some)

    Yep, that's it exactly. Most new Fords have them. I've set mine up left and right doors and the middle one for the gate. Much nicer than having three separate remotes.
  9. Mopey

    Mach-E Waiting Room. Check in with your reservation number!

    And she gets the Mach E. Win, win. (For her, not so much for you)
  10. Mopey

    A, Z, X plan discount pricing for Mach-E
  11. Mopey

    You asked the questions ... now get the answers (well some)

    I really wish the US auto makers would offer the same Quickclear windscreen option they offer in Europe. It is a great feature when you are getting ready for a winter drive - a frost free windshield in far less time than using a hot air from a defroster. I have no idea why it has never been...
  12. Mopey

    Your Mustang Mach-E. Tomorrow’s technology unleashed.

    Several Ford executives have stated in interviews that virtually all car controls on the main display can be operated by voice using "Hey Ford, blah, blah, blah".
  13. Mopey

    New Members Introduction Thread

    The Mach E will be my 5th Mustang. I'm not worried about driving the Mach E before I order. Mustang's are great fun and if the Mach E is as well built as my 2016 Mustang (it's only trip back to the shop was to have a supercharger installed) you will be very happy with Ford. I'll be...
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    Germany. Judging by the orange sign reflecting on the windows.
  15. Mopey

    Exciting thought for an American who ordered a premium.

    That may be a some point in the future, but 1,000\day means they'll produce all the Mach Es in 6 weeks then shut down production until next fall. They've already said the first year production is limited by battery availability. 1,000 a week makes a lot of sense and I think is very close to...
  16. Mopey

    Any Mach-E questions you want answered?

    You don't have to kidnap him. Just hang a beer bottle from your neck. For a beer, a car guy will follow you anywhere.
  17. Mopey

    Any Mach-E questions you want answered?

    How high above the ground is the surface of the driver's seat in its lowest and highest positions? Will the display behind the steering wheel show navigation information? Can you get a closeup photo of the tires showing the tire size information?
  18. Mopey

    Mach-E Waiting Room. Check in with your reservation number!

    I read a person's comment about the Mach E order they placed today. Their number was 100450xx. It has been only 10 days since someone reported 100402xx.
  19. Mopey


    My Competition Orange, supercharged Mustang convertible certainly is popular with the Alaska State Troopers. They don't even bother to stop me. They see it, say "It's Mopey" , and they just mail me the ticket.