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  1. RidetheLightning

    Finally got an email from Ford after months of silence.

    I don't mind "junk" emails from Ford. Takes 2 seconds to skim through them and move on. Most of the info gets posted here first so good to know they still have my email current.
  2. RidetheLightning

    Why the Mustang Mach-E is a BRILLIANT idea says Road Show

    I currently own 2 V8 Mustangs and the Mach E will be my 4th. I can see why purists shun the electrified future, but without electrification there can be no future for the Mustang. Only time will tell how it will be received but at least we can be part of the future.
  3. RidetheLightning

    CNET Roadshow: Mach-E Mustang AWD First Ride Review! (Winter Driving) was a joke....meant it would be fun to slide around on the snow.
  4. RidetheLightning

    First Model Year Build Quality

    Right. That’s what I meant. The battery warranty is ultra important for me as a first time EV owner. The rest I can tune/fix/replace myself after the 3 years.
  5. RidetheLightning

    First Model Year Build Quality

    It's kinda why I am debating leasing versus purchase. Drive around for a couple years and let them work out the bugs. What is enticing is that 8 year warranty though.
  6. RidetheLightning

    FordPass and reservations

    Lucky. I haven't received a single email from my dealer.....and they are the largest Ford dealer in LA...
  7. RidetheLightning

    Video: Mach-E parking sensor sound

    So it's making that noise outside of the vehicle?
  8. RidetheLightning

    Video: Mach-E Pedestrian Warning Sound & a Close Look Inside Out

    Can we have it make a galloping and whinny sound? Haha
  9. RidetheLightning

    The truth about Electrify America's progress and Traveling with the Mach E

    Shhh....trying to make excuses to not see the in laws 😂 But good to know. I usually drive the 5 heading up anyway
  10. RidetheLightning

    Black Mach-E spotted in Canada

    I have a black GT/CS and man does it look amazing when washed and waxed. I reserved my Mach R black, but teetering on Infinite Blue
  11. RidetheLightning

    How will you mod your Mach-E?

    I guess tint the windows. Haha not much can be done for now. hmm maybe bolt on some exhaust tips and confuse people
  12. RidetheLightning

    The truth about Electrify America's progress and Traveling with the Mach E

    Well then that means I can’t visit the in laws in Vancouver, Canada 🤪
  13. RidetheLightning

    The truth about Electrify America's progress and Traveling with the Mach E

    What got me spooked was all the electric vehicle commercials during the Super Bowl. I began to wonder if we will all have enough charging stations available, especially in major markets. I do contracted work at a university and one lot has close to 50 EV charging spots and they are always full.
  14. RidetheLightning

    Traditional Mustangs and Mach-E Ownership

    I have a 1968 coupe and a 2007 GT. I was preparing to purchase a Ford Connect for work/cargo vehicle when the Mach E was announced. I was a little dragged when they called it a Mustang but someone said something like, “if we don’t embrace new technology then we won’t have a Mustang in the...
  15. RidetheLightning

    Any love for Infinite Blue?

    Hmm I’m heavily leaning towards Infinite Blue. I reserved black, but all my cars are black cuz it’s my favorite color (or lack of color). I’ll be watching this thread closely as the time nears
  16. RidetheLightning

    Mach-E Dashcam and Sentry Mode Updates

    The 360 should would have been handy for me. I was entering the freeway via carpool lane (legally) when an idiot who was stuck in the metered line and decided he wanted to fast track via carpool lane. Hit my front fender and my claim was denied. They said I was to blame. I was furious.
  17. RidetheLightning

    AutoTrader UK review from UK Launch

    One of the better videos I’ve seen. Adds to the excitement
  18. RidetheLightning

    SHADOW BLACK Mach-E Club

    I think it looks pretty slick Badabing