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  1. Diablo sports EV monitor

    Thanks. Bit quick for me to write it all down though. Wish there was a list.
  2. PID codes

    I just purchased a Diablo monitor. Some of the readings are obvious. Some are not. I have had little luck finding out what all of the PID codes mean and what values to look for. Anyone have a list of cord, what they mean and what to look for?
  3. Diablo sports EV monitor

    I just got one. Easy to set up. Using window mount now. With your setup does the steering wheel block the view of the display? Some of the readings I can figure out. The others I can’t. The manual doesn’t tell me. Is there a source anywhere that tells me what all the abbreviations are? Thanks.
  4. One pedal braking

    I use it and love it. You can still use the brakes if you need to stop quicker. It just takes a little adjustment time.
  5. Diablo sports EV monitor

    Are you using the window mount on the dash? Or is it held in place some other way?
  6. Diablo sports EV monitor

    Can this remain plugged in without draining 12v battery?
  7. How have you never used L3 DCFC?

    I have never used one. My wife’s Escape is for longer trips. More reliable chargers would change that.
  8. Recommend obd2 Bluetooth scanner

    Do the lights on the obd2 max+ stay on when it is on sleep mode? I have a steady green one and a flashing blue
  9. How will I know when the 12 volt battery needs replacement?

    I found the video. No way I would attempt that. If the battery fails, guess I will just call Ford.
  10. How will I know when the 12 volt battery needs replacement?

    I am not mechanically inclined and learned a long time ago to not touch a car’s mechanicals or electrical system. Can you provide details on how to do both and who might be trusted to do it? Would either impact warranty?
  11. How will I know when the 12 volt battery needs replacement?

    Is there some safe modification or some way to easily access 12 volt posts for a battery tender?
  12. Jump starting sales

    Lower price and a good, reliable charging network.
  13. Recommend obd2 Bluetooth scanner

    I have searched many threads. I am looking for a Bluetooth obd2 scanner that goes to sleep and uses no power when my car is turned off. I don’t want to unplug it each time I use it. recommendations?
  14. Best Charging station to use at home

    I have a Juice Box. Got a partial tax credit.