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  1. JamesStew71

    One pedal braking

    we use ours always, only at a carwash do we turn it off
  2. JamesStew71

    One pedal braking

    will make you guage your stops better, use brake if you dont guage far enouph . easy peasy. drive normal not at a race track🤷‍♂️
  3. JamesStew71

    Bagged Mach-E GT on Vossen HF-5 Wheels

    mine too, Imagine the pebble that eats a 23.000.00 battery instead of the curb front facia ouch
  4. JamesStew71

    You can't road-trip in an EV...hold my beer

    ever since early 22 when ford updated our heat/ ac it eats power on heat , I mean eats power. over the 2 years and multiple trips we have figured out 68 is a very good spot for speed /power usually 3.3 and sometimes 3.5 per kwh
  5. JamesStew71

    You can't road-trip in an EV...hold my beer

    would do better low interior heat and 68mph , don't laugh give it a try
  6. JamesStew71

    Harvest Program 23H06 - Battery Module Replacement

    Ask me , Since most of us early owners “are in the recall “ the whole pack would make more sense 22 mach rwd std
  7. JamesStew71

    It may be a fluke, few miles excessive kwh

    plugged in just to let it keep warm on grid, what a reading. Never seen it before like this . its 17’ here in texas. we were almost winter full, just to pre heat and warm overnight A day later I got the reading from elec provider, yea Sparkee used 45 kwh to just stay warm. I didnt notice any...
  8. JamesStew71

    Any Ford 48-amp Charge Station users?

    No, we used the mobil charger for awhile. I self installed a 14/50 nema and 6-4 wiring on a 50 amp breaker, then bought a grizzl e charger had them set he dip switches to 32amps, charges great 11pm till 2/3 am all good 2 years and counting
  9. JamesStew71

    Two-stage recall worth it?

    unfortunately the update is the first try for a cure to reduce contact wear/heat . we are just waiting on parts . we got the update awhile back
  10. JamesStew71

    All is well!!

    All good here in texas 22 std rwd 70kwh sparkee 21k on the ticker no issues. Just wish ford would quit updating🤷‍♂️
  11. JamesStew71

    new issue or feature noticed

    we have always been in and used engaged seems good for our lifesyle, when weathers bad she uses whisper
  12. JamesStew71

    new issue or feature noticed

    Your probably right 6.6 scheduled our next update🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  13. JamesStew71

    new issue or feature noticed

    No , she just got here and the waves are on the display animation as well as the dash while driving, and she is still in engage. I will look through the car later. Maybe have her go through whisper, engage and unbridled and back to see if it changes
  14. JamesStew71

    new issue or feature noticed

    I will have her check, true we are in engage and 1 pd always.
  15. JamesStew71

    new issue or feature noticed

    Sorry , The blue floating waves
  16. JamesStew71

    new issue or feature noticed

    Have never seen this, wife asked this morning and its her car. I know its a new issue or feature? anybody else
  17. JamesStew71

    Real world range

    68 is most efficency we have found