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  1. A-A-Ron

    If you have a Mach E and feel screwed by the price slash, call Ford, or don't. LOL

    Wow, that's certainly an opinion. Thanks for sharing?
  2. A-A-Ron

    Most eco mode

    Whisper does not have less regen. Whisper applies lighter braking if you completely let off the throttle than the other modes. If you partially let off in a more aggressive mode and slow down at the same rate as whisper, you get the same energy regenerated. Likewise, if you let off in Whisper...
  3. A-A-Ron

    Most eco mode

    I've known this since before I bought my car (honestly, same is true in an ICE) but it still took me a while to practice it. Truth is, I can have fun with it or I can drive it around like I'm taking grandma to church and she is wearing a new dress and holding a crockpot full of chili and at the...
  4. A-A-Ron

    Battery balancing service?

    For that price they should shampoo, condition and style it
  5. A-A-Ron

    Figured out a solution for the IPC changes "implemented" in 6.8

    Since every 3rd post seems to be someone upset that their speedometer moved over an inch (not mine, I've been stuck on 6.7 for 3 months) and a few of the latest seem to be really angry about this - I came up with the perfect solution: When Ford mails out our NACS adapters, they should include a...
  6. A-A-Ron

    New owner - Love car but…

    Hell, even if they did brush the lock button every time, it's not like the damn button works every time
  7. A-A-Ron

    Recall repair goes awry!

    An MME in turtle mode is basically an Escape with cheaper gas and a better body
  8. A-A-Ron

    I will be buying another Mach-E!!

    I traded a '19 BMW X3 for my MME. Overall, I love the MME more, but there are definitely some areas the MME disappoints in comparison. Definitely my top 2 cars I've owned, with my old Nissan Xterra a distant 3rd.
  9. A-A-Ron

    Apple Maps gone

    Came to say this and saw you'd figured it out. Have that happen to me occasionally.
  10. A-A-Ron

    Ford Confirms: Owners Won't Need Tesla App to Supercharge

    It took them 2 years to deliver a frunk button and all the hardware was in place...
  11. A-A-Ron

    Ford delays BC 1.4 rollout for BC 1.5

    I've been stuck at 6.7 for months and I'm a little frustrated that I can't complain about the UI issues all the cool 6.8+ people are having. I'm stuck asking if I got the wrong battery and that's so last winter.
  12. A-A-Ron

    Hertz Shelby Mach-E GT-H Spotted

    There were tons in Tampa last Christmas.
  13. A-A-Ron

    I Got Another FREE 12 Months of Bluecruise!!

    No, it's an $800 savings. The value is probably far less than that for most of us.
  14. A-A-Ron

    I hate the new UI on the drivers front screen.

    You knew something would replace the "It's cold and Santa's elves replaced my ER battery with a SR overnight".
  15. A-A-Ron

    2025 Jeep WagoneerS EV SUV - Photos Leaked

    How does almost every EV design out there end up looking like a minivan?
  16. A-A-Ron

    【BestEvMod】Weekend Flash Giveaway Raffle. End on Monday 1/22 20:00 PDT Time

    So what, it’s not like it’s a Cybertruck
  17. A-A-Ron

    Introducing The 2024 Mach-E GT Bronze Appearance Package

    To each their own, I find it gorgeous
  18. A-A-Ron

    Ford Pass Servers down?

    Think of it as an OTA for the servers