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  1. Travlcub

    Blue Cruise 3 years

    I was fortunate to currently have the 3 year complimentary Blue Cruise. However mine is a standard rage. I’m in the serious market for the extended range (23 premium). What makes the difference between 3 months vs 3 years? Job 1 or job 2? What tips should I be looking for? Thanks
  2. Travlcub

    2024 tax credit

    Hypothetical question. If I purchase a brand new 2023 MachE in 2024 will I be eligible for $3750 tax credit. I know 2024 models do not.
  3. Travlcub

    Ms. Elektra

    Just because ❤❤
  4. Travlcub

    BlueCruise mapping

    How often, or if it all, is the BlueCrisue Map update? Who updates it?
  5. Travlcub

    Wireless charging

    Last week the vehicle was brought into the dealership for some voluntary recall work. One was a new charging pad. Maybe the rubber pad needed replacement for whatever. I have a 2023 Mach E Premium and the IPhone 15 ProMax. What I have been noticing is gets extremely hot and the phone sends a...
  6. Travlcub

    Ford Navigation

    I press the voice command and ask to be taken to the Hilton Garden Inn Missoula Montana. Results are a Garden Inns in my area. How can I get it to search out of my area?
  7. Travlcub

    Costco EV charging business?

    Has anyone heard of Costco is getting into the EV Charging business? One article said yes and one no
  8. Travlcub

    Washington State tab renewal

    True or false. Washington State has a EV surcharge on our yearly tabs? I hear Texas does was curious about Washington State.
  9. Travlcub

    Apple Maps

    I like Apple Maps as a guide etc. I have iPhone 15 ProMax. I’m not a fan of EVGo and that’s all the charging options it gives. I can’t figure out the settings. Prefer EA myself Thanks
  10. Travlcub

    Trip Metre

    6 months in and still learning. On the trip meter the lower or higher number for best efficiency. Example 1.5m/kWh or 5.5m/kWh? Lower the number I’m guessing? I know it’s all about how you drive and accessories so HVAC etc. what what would you think is acceptable? I want to be efficient...
  11. Travlcub

    First off Thank you

    I apologize for not remembering who it was but someone posted about a replacement for the wireless charging pad as well as fixing a defect in the mirrors (sorry I think it was a calking problem). None the less the car is back in the shop. They also found out a module needs to be replaced. I...
  12. Travlcub

    Cold snap and a little. Snow and ice

    I’m in south Snohomish county Washington State) and today we had about 1-2” of snow but seems the roads are fine. Ran to dinner and errands some of the lots were icy. One of the main roads started turning to black ice. I hit a good patch and my MME AWDe did exactly what it was designed for. Keep...
  13. Travlcub

    Winter driving: one-pedal driving in slush and or compact snow and ice?

    Winter driving condition are here in the Washington Cascade Passes. The 2 highway and the 90 Snoqualmie Pass. I’ve heard several responses from others so I maybe repeating myself. what are your thoughts one one pedal driving in slush and or compact snow and ice? Some say yes it’s fine others...
  14. Travlcub

    Issaquah EA

    I know MME is not capable of 350kwh but at 21% I should be able to do better than 80kwh. Off my soapbox
  15. Travlcub

    Blue Oval Network

    Hello All I am a big fan of EA and subscribe to their Pass+. There are times I have have to use EVgo etc. With the network if I understand correctly, all I have to do is Plug and Play correct? Also what do I do in the event I want to use EA. Try and use their app first (to receive my...
  16. Travlcub

    Change and conditioning

    After my vehicle reaches the designated charging level (80%), when my desired time to condition starts, 630pm, if the battery goes below 80% will it begin to recharge? I am unfortunatly on level 1. Thank you happy new year
  17. Travlcub

    Charging and conditioning

    If I have reached my 80% and has stopped charging will it start up on the precondition stage if it dropped below 80%?
  18. Travlcub


    I have a 23 premium AWD standard backpack. I love the car so I thought if it’s not crazy I’ll trade for an extended range. Holy crap my car only is worth $34K from two dealerships. Stepping off my soapbox
  19. Travlcub

    BlueCruise Service

    I am potentially going to trade in my 2023 Mach e standard to the extended range with the new incentives it’s literally a few dollars more in finance. I currently have 3 yrs complimentary Blue Cruise. I just read that may have changed to 90 days. I admit I love blue cruise and yes that’s a deal...
  20. Travlcub

    Nice article on winter driving. Some I just learned