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  1. Marcel

    Mach-E Ambulance

    Ok it is a training vehicle for new drivers....but looks cool (Source Ford Netherlands...)
  2. Marcel

    Test drive BMW i4 base model

    Just made a test drive in the BMW i4, it is quick, a bit noisy due to frameless windows, hard suspension and seats. It was very good on range, temp around 9C, starting with 100% GOM 426km, driven 60km all highway at 104km/h, arriving with 85% GOM on 415km. My conclusion, wouldn't trade in my...
  3. Marcel

    Vacation trip in EU, NL-BE-FR and back again

    What a great car for a trip!! About 80 euro for 2200 km? Day 1 Almere - Nancy (hotel) Almere - Wellin distance 308 km DEP 100% ARR 19% (snelheid 100km/u) 19% to 80% charge 33 minuten (43,2 kWh a 13,72) Planned Ionity Metz, (skipped, busy) Wellin - Nancy distance 232 km DEP 80% ARR 25%...
  4. Marcel

    No more radar for Tesla, bad Idea? Seems like a lot of downsides to this idea In case of fog, heavy rain, snow More distance needed between cars Direct sunlight into cameras I see it as cost saving, not an improvement, that's why it is...
  5. Marcel

    Ford Kuga in disguise with Mustang logo seen...(test mule)

    Is from a 2 seconden clip in a "nextmove" video (J044Exor5VY)
  6. Marcel

    After 541 days and 8 hours...

    So many emotions the last 541 days, from excitement, Joy, dispare, hope and many more it is finally here? And what a great car it is...sooooo nice and so far all good? And now we are gonna enjoy and look on the bright side?
  7. Marcel

    Enjoy your new car...

    Is it me or are people nitpicking on every detail of the delivered cars...if you look at a new car this way you are never going to enjoy the experience of a spectaculair new car. Furthermore if you don't want this car, fine, move on to a solution and stop posting close-ups from your problems, we...
  8. Marcel

    Very serious issue

    I can only read somuch threads, until now I had a solution but no more? So starting today it is no longer allowed to post new (already existing) threads! Thanks for your cooperation.
  9. Marcel

    Winter and EV, very informative video (subtitles)

    Take some time to view, very informative (subtitles)
  10. Marcel

    Range/time comparison 600 miles trips A basic comparison to get an idea, don't get to much in the details? Over 250 cars...
  11. Marcel

    Mach-E (Extended Range) Seen Reaching 120kw Charging Speed

    Screenshot from YouTube...