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  1. wmaney

    Now phone sound (intermittent)

    Apologies in advance if this has been asked and answered, but on occasion - when CarPlay is connected, I will go to make a phone call, and after pushing the phone button on the steering wheel, the spinning ball comes up but no bong sound. If I, nonetheless, tell Siri to make a call, the screen...
  2. wmaney

    Sudden speed increase and decrease while using Blue Cruise (1.2)

    I was driving to the airport last Friday with Blue Cruise engaged (my wife and her three sisters went on a girls' trip weekend to San Diego - so my brother-in-law invited me to Seattle to see the Huskies vs Utes football game. Go Huskies! Sorry Utes fans) and noted that if felt like my speed was...
  3. wmaney

    Front License Plate

    California law says that if a vehicle comes with two plates, then a front plate has to be mounted (in addition to the back plate. Do those living in California mount a front plate? Thanks in advance
  4. wmaney

    CarPlay bug after upgrading to iOS 17.1

    I updated my iPhone yesterday to 17.1 but did not drive the car (2023 GTPE) until today. Everything had been working fine before. But today when I used the voice command button on the steering wheel and asked Siri to play CNN news, it tried but then the bubble on the screen began to spin and...
  5. wmaney

    Noise from inside car on front of pasanger's side

    If the radio or other sources of music are off, I hear while driving a soft air like sound like an open source to the outside of the car that seems to arise from the front passenger's side of the car - . Like the door is ajar or the window not fully up. But I have repeatedly closed the dar and...
  6. wmaney

    iPhone 15 Pro Max and charging pad

    For those of you that have a 2023 Mach e and a iPhone 15 Pro Max - does the Pro Max fit and charge on the charging pad? Thanks for your help.
  7. wmaney

    Part ID

    I found this part lying in the back of the car - just on the left inside of the trunk on new GTPE. Anyone have any idea what this might be and where it goes? I can not find a place for it. Thanks for any help. Wade
  8. wmaney

    Aftermarket install for Kick to open tailgate on 2023 Mach-E GTPE?

    Wonderng if anyone is aware of 3rd party companies in the California are that can install an aftermarket "kick to lift tailgate" assembly. Miss that function. Thanks in advance
  9. wmaney

    HVBJB permanent fix on 2023 Mach e's?

    I experienced the "Service vehicle now" notification while driving my 2021 Mach e GT (with about 21,000 miles on it) when I was about 140 miles from home. Had another 40 miles to go to get my son to college. I was able to charge to 80% at an EA station (after the usual routing of finding a...
  10. wmaney

    Where to find BlueCruise version

    Apologies in advance as I assume this is been addressed before. But is there a way for me to see what version of Blue Cruise I have - either in the car or on the App. Thanks in advance. Wade
  11. wmaney

    Apple Maps Car Play Orientation

    I would like Apple Car Play to consistently show my car's orientation in the direction I am traveling. I know you can push the arrow in the upper right, but this does not work consistently. I know some may prefer the map to always show north, but I prefer seeing the direction I am traveling...
  12. wmaney

    Apologies in Advance for asking a question that has already been answered - somewhere.

    I have a 2021 Mach e GT that I bought and took possession of on 10/23/21. Will my HVBJB battery fail at some point? - is there not an active recall to fix this problem in advance of a failure? Thanks for putting up with the question. Wade
  13. wmaney

    Low EV Battery notice

    I apologize in advance but a could not find the answer. I have been getting notices on my iPhone that my EV battethry is low and I need to find a charger. I believe I mostly get these message after I plug my Ford Connect charger into the car. The car reports 8o to 90 % charge as does the Ford...
  14. wmaney

    Windshield Rock Chips

    I avoid driving behind trucks because of the potential for rock chips on the windshield. However, I still have already had a few (just over 8K mies total o the car). I was wondering if something in the design of the car contributes aerodynamically or in some other way to a greater than average...
  15. wmaney

    Electric Volkswagen Bus - starting in Europe first
  16. wmaney

    Next Tesla (Stock) Getting Proving Hard to Find - From CNN Business
  17. wmaney

    Going to drive-in movie with Mach-E ?

    Just curious if anyone has gone to a driven-in movie with a Mach e and ran the radio through the whole movie? Just wondering if anyone had a problem with losing power? Thanks
  18. wmaney

    Now AirTags in an ironic twist of fate are being used to steal cars!
  19. wmaney

    Does Mach E GT come with frunk divider?

    Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but do the Mach e GTs come with the frunk divider? Just noticed mine is missing. Thanks Wade
  20. wmaney

    Dark Matter Gray Mach e GT picked up yesterday

    Picked up my ordered Mach e GT at Folsom Lake Ford in California - great experience - Did the options plan, so had total of $4000.00 in deductions from the honored MSRP of $64,000.00 - not counting the $7500.00 federal tax credit. Unfortunately its been raining constantly since last evening and...