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  1. Hammered

    Can't keep it a secret any longer

    I've been testing charge assist for 54 years. Due to agreements made regarding time travel, I'm unable to discuss the topic further. Oh, EAP site has been updated and they're sending out more invites if you've been waiting.
  2. Hammered

    So BC 1.4 has been in FDRS for over a week now?

    Why hasn't anyone mentioned it? I was taking my sweet time getting another 1yr of FDRS only to learn it's been there 10 days or so.
  3. Hammered

    Qualcomm 8155 powered sync will be in 24 China MME "ford electric horse"

    Seems with Changan Ford taking over the MME in china is resulting in the qualcomm 8155 sync system showing up in the 24' "ford electric horse" which is the new name of the vehicle. Pure speculation by I'm guessing this is the sync 5 hardware. If so there may be an upgrade path when it...
  4. Hammered

    LG revised their cell specs (not to be confused with changed the cells)

    Preface, MME has e71 cells which denotes their ah as 71. e63 is the bolt's cell and is found in other applications. e78 is found in ID4 PDF documents attached. I'd be curious to see that since LG has refined their specs on their cells if ford won't finally relax not only the 5 second limit...
  5. Hammered

    MME vs Tesla Charging miles/min

    Here's the MME vs CT and MY 4680 charging times in terms of range per minute of charge at 70mph. The clear leader is tesla's MY w/ the 'older' cell design. Think of this when you hear about the 4680 being talked about by tesla. They're much cheaper for them to produce, and they're sold as...
  6. Hammered

    EA - Plug and Charge not working, saved by Charge Assist app

    My plug and charge went stupid a while back when the vehicle was undergoing undisclosed experimentation. Wasn't sure if it'd work and decided to give it a try today and it's still not working. I was however still able to utilize my ford charge network credit by activating the charger via the...
  7. Hammered

    21/22 EA vehicles not getting the latest updates (FDRS users only)?

    If you don't use FDRS or didn't install the IPC update that first showed up the last week of july, ignore this thread. During the last week of july, FDRS showed an IPC update that caused the issue (if installed). The update brought the IPC up to the 23's software prematurely / out of order...
  8. Hammered

    "Pet Comfort" possible 2024 option

    This article shows details of ford's patent. I don't think it will initially deploy like the patent in full though, but the new APIM sheet has it showing up as a flag. New APIM flags appear to have it. It does...
  9. Hammered

    Disable the CMR and by extension hands-free, while keeping hands-on mode

    706-01-01 xAx8 xxxx 8E If you have to ask for this to be deciphered, it's probably outside your wheelhouse to do as it's obvious to forscan users. This will disable the eye-nanny and hands-free mode which is normal operation when outside of lidar mapped highways or above 80mph. Be sure to...
  10. Hammered

    Benz pretends to be a bolt, catches fire NOT charging..

    2023 benz spontaneously burst into flames.
  11. Hammered

    Factory Charger in 120v mode - 11 amps

    Someone made a claim about the draw, the answer is 11 amps on the nose. Not 12, 13 or 15, -- 11 peak. The truck holds voltage at 120v on the nose via DC-AC inverter (270v DC to 120v/240v split phase AC). min Max
  12. Hammered

    Frunk out - Ref pics - Room for a 5th pump?

    Can't believe there's only 4 pumps under here, I mean ford could have easily put 2 more Looking to tap the batt? Here's a close up Wire for DC-DC to batt Notice the height / distance available to tap here as well, Large red is batt incoming - Low power devices ONLY...
  13. Hammered

    Blue Oval Charge Network costs??

    What precisely does it offer, and what are the costs? I can't find anything about it and I've got all sorts of varied dates for various services with multiple ford vehicles in my account. For the MME I see this... What does the "Blueoval charge network" actually provide, and what are the...
  14. Hammered

    Lightning batt - bad module replacement

    Here's the process for servicing the HVB when one of the modules shows bad. He didn't post details regarding just how long it takes to receive a replacement, but they do service individual cell packs and don't replace the entire batt. When it comes to minimum batt life services if it's below...
  15. Hammered

    Cold weather fordpass app notification -- anyone else?

    I got a notification in my fordpass app warning about reduced range and cold climate range mitigation. Did they push this out app wide or selectively? Sounds like there's probably some pissed off folks making some noise. Kinda funny, we've only been getting down to around freezing lately, if...
  16. Hammered

    Another android auto update popped up?

    Seems just 2 weeks ago it had an update, now another introducing small tiles and no more full screen YT music? Boxes are rounded -- not sure that's really worth anything. I guess at least maps is able to go full screen but it's not needed. Would rather have extended length YT music for Q...
  17. Hammered

    Torque Vectoring eAWD -- It's quite nice

    We've finally had a break in what seems to be non-stop rain and I was throwing the car through corners much harder than usual, and was rather impressed in the manner that the traction system was applying power with a very pronounced torque vectoring. It's much more sure-footed than ICE systems...
  18. Hammered

    Disable reverse / backup dump truck beeping sound using 'free' PACM method / FORScan

    The 'free' PACM method that is used by the powerboost F150 hybrid works on the MME. The forscan value change is from 4 to 0 (zero) (If you have auto 911 dial enabled, it may be a 7 value to 2 value change) - there's a YT vid on it "powerboost speaker silence". It's located in the rear back...
  19. Hammered

    Drive w/ driver's door open

    I haven't seen anyone question or mention it, but if you want to drive with the door open, hold the ebrake button "off".
  20. Hammered

    FDRS misbehaving? Certain updates not applying / failing? Read

    So my vehicle has shown a GWM update pending for 2 weeks now, dealer couldn't even get it to go -- as in it was showing as an update on their end too. First thing I did which may or may not have had anything to do with the issue is run the process for installing a new GWM (USB required). Again...