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  1. ReverendPete

    starting on its own - ghost in the machine?

    I believe what you might have been thinking of is that it will precondition the battery for a departure time, but only if plugged in.
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    Apple Maps gone

    Just out of curiosity, what happens on the CarPlay screen if you manually select Apple Maps on your iPhone?
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    CrossClimate 2 (vs Pilot Sport All Seasons) - How much of a range hit?

    I would be interested in CrossClimate 2 tires as well, because I have them on my Highlander Hybrid, and they are REALLY good in the snow! But if I load them in Big O Tires online configuration tool with my MME selected (225/55R19), they show "Load Range/Index does not meet requirements for a...
  4. ReverendPete

    Speedometer off after 6.8 Software Update

    I haven't had my speedometer reading anything other than zero when I'm stopped, but I did notice that after 6.8, my speedometer actually almost always matches a speed radar sign on the road leading to my street, whereas before, the sign would almost always show 1 MPH lower than what my...
  5. ReverendPete

    How have you never used L3 DCFC?

    Like others here, my MME is my daily driver, not my road trip car. I use my Highlander Hybrid for that... But it occurs to me that I should get out and do it a few times at a couple different charging providers, just to get the process figured out for the day that I might need it. I have...
  6. ReverendPete

    Buying a buyback 2022 premium RWD worth it?

    TSB = Technical Service Bulletin
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    Looks like the rear liftgate pause has been fixed in OTA update

    The liftgate OTA was not a numbered one, it was a "Priority Update". I don't think things necessarily come in order, especially the Priority Updates. But also remember that some later model year cars may skip updates, because they already came with the code that the update provides for...
  8. ReverendPete

    Looks like the rear liftgate pause has been fixed in OTA update

    I hadn't had an OTA update since right around Christmas, but I have had 5 updates in the last 6 days for my 2023.0 Premium (Not EAP). I didn't document them all, but I remember getting 6.8.0, PAAK, Liftgate, and HVAC updates, and one with no information. But it looks like the Liftgate update...
  9. ReverendPete

    Yes, it is a Mustang and does Mustang things

    Hmm, not just liberal hippies driving the EVs anymore, I guess... ;)
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    2024: America Decides. A New SUPER POLL.

    I'll add another one: Fix the rear liftgate pause problem.
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    Drive until empty

    Here's another interesting article that I have posted before:
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    wires showing down in the front doors.

    I believe that they are the wires that run to the keyless entry sensors, and there are several threads about it. Seems like they're supposed to be maybe tucked up under the black insulation above.
  13. ReverendPete

    Fisker In the Wild

    I saw a Fisker Ocean at a Cars & Coffee meetup a couple months ago, and I'll have to say that I was intrigued with its looks, and looking at its interior from the outside. (I did not get into the vehicle to get a better feel for how it was). But my thoughts of maybe going for one changed (for...
  14. ReverendPete

    Driver profile Q

    I have a '23 Premium, and ended up deleting my wife's profile, because I was having similar issues. I would get in the car at home, and it would be set to my profile. I would drive somewhere, and come back and get in the car and it would be set to her profile, with her key nowhere near the...
  15. ReverendPete

    BestEvMod has a Christmas gift for you! Christmas giveaway raffle!

    There's a lot to love, of course. I love the acceleration, the Car Play, the heated steering wheel, and BlueCruise. But if I had to pick a favorite, it might just be the auto dimming headlights. Haven't touched the setting once, and it has never once made me override them!
  16. ReverendPete

    Show me your favorite mod

    My antlers! (Actually, I love my stripes, my spoiler, my electric pony side emblems, and my rear lit pony - even though I never get to see it)
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    Borla Active Performance Sound System Installed - Sound Clips

    While you're at it, you might as well get some of these, too: And if you've gone that far, there's always these...
  18. ReverendPete

    Consumer Reports 2023 annual reliability survey: Mach-E improves and scores 2nd place for electric SUV

    I have the 6'4" part going on, but I'm only 225lbs. Very comfortable in my MME. I do miss the "driver knee support" that my 2018 Highlander has. But in general, I am really happy with the comfort of the MME!
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    This might help:
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    Stuck on 6.1.0 (Not MY21)

    MY23.0 Premium, not in EA. Last update was 6.1.0 on Oct. 18.