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  1. Ford Motor Company

    Complimentary Ford Pick Up & Delivery and Ford Mobile Service — Vehicle Service That Fits Your Life

    There are now two easy ways to get your vehicle serviced without ever leaving your home or office. With Ford Pickup & Delivery*, your preferred Ford Dealer will pick up your vehicle, service it at the dealership and drop it back off. And with Ford Mobile Service**, have your vehicle serviced...
  2. Ford Motor Company

    Meet the new FordPass® Rewards with "Tier Activities"

    “Tier Activities* have replaced Milestones, bringing you more ways to advance through the three membership Tiers and enjoy rewards your way. Plus, each Tier has partner offers — and even more benefits coming in 2024. Tier Activities do more than help you advance your Tier status. Each one is...
  3. Ford Motor Company

    A Ford EV expert is now only a text away

    Hi Mach-E owners,   You can now text directly with Ford to learn more about your Ford Electric Vehicle. This service was recently introduced to help connect new or seasoned owners with a dedicated team of Ford EV experts directly to their phones, whether at home or on the go. To get connected...
  4. Ford Motor Company

    Winter is Coming: Tips and Tricks to get the most from your EV

    Hi owners! With winter fast approaching and temperatures dropping across the country, we want to make sure you and your EV are prepared to take on the winter weather. Ford EVs have been tested in extreme conditions. They’ve endured months of real-world winter driving in Alaska and Michigan’s...
  5. Ford Motor Company

    Recall Information: High Voltage Battery Junction Box (23S56)

    Hi Mustang Mach-E Owners, Ford Motor Company has issued a recall for Certain 2021-2022 model year Mustang Mach-E extended range and GTs built between May 27, 2020 to May 24, 2022 related to failures of the High Voltage Battery Junction Box (HVBJB). If your vehicle is included in this recall...
  6. Ford Motor Company

    Pro Tip: Mirror Settings

    Hi Owners – We wanted to let you know that if your side door mirrors aren’t closing when you go to lock your car, here is a helpful tip: Go to your SYNC screen Navigate to Settings Select Vehicle Go to Mirrors You'll find an Auto-Fold toggle option – make sure it is toggled to ON Once...
  7. Ford Motor Company

    Charge Assist (Public Charging) Feature is Rolling Out!

    Hi Owners – Charging is about to get even better with another way to activate your charge experience! Now, with Charge Assist, soon to be known as Public Charging, you will be able to search for and start a public charging session on the BlueOval® Charge Network right from your vehicle’s...
  8. Ford Motor Company

    Great SiriusXM offers through FordPass® Rewards

    Hello all! SiriusXM is offering FordPass Rewards Members an opportunity to redeem Points towards a new or existing SiriusXM subscription. Check the Offers and Promotions Page to check offer eligibility and program details. The entertainment keeps coming, because you can also get a free Pandora...
  9. Ford Motor Company

    BlueCruise 1.3 Software Update (Coming Soon): Reminder + Tips!

    Hi owners! The Ford BlueCruise 1.3 software update is coming soon to Mustang Mach-Es equipped with BlueCruise and we want to make sure you are getting all of the latest and greatest new features and improvements like this delivered to your vehicle. As a friendly reminder make sure you: Have...
  10. Ford Motor Company

    Coming soon: BlueCruise 1.3

    Our team at Ford is continuing to improve BlueCruise to make hands-free highway driving even better for you. We have a pleasant surprise for our Mustang Mach-E customers. We are delivering our latest software version of BlueCruise – BlueCruise 1.3 – even faster than anticipated. BlueCruise 1.2...
  11. Ford Motor Company

    Introducing Ford of Canada

    Hello, Mustang Mach-E enthusiasts! We are pleased to announce that our Canadian counterpart, Ford of Canada, has joined the community. We invite our Canadian customers to reach out to them via private message for any MME inquiries:
  12. Ford Motor Company

    How to never miss a OTA software update!

    Never miss a software update! Set a recurring schedule: For more complex software updates, your vehicle cannot be driven during the installation (typically up to 1 hour). We recommend setting a recurring schedule for a time when your vehicle is not needed (like overnight). Confirm you have...
  13. Ford Motor Company

    Ford Mach-E Livestream Sessions Coming April 20 at 9:00pm EST

    Hey future Mach-E owners! To offer you a way to get latest answers to your most frequently asked questions, we will be hosting livestream sessions at Join us on April 20 at 9:00pm EST for updated information about the Ford Mustang Mach-E.
  14. Ford Motor Company

    EV Routing For Apple Maps Now Available Via Carplay & SYNC in Mach-E

    New today! Apple released EV Maps Routing with iOS 15.4. Apple Maps EV Routing supports planning your long electric vehicle journeys via CarPlay in your Mustang Mach-E. Apple Maps will use your iPhone to read vehicle and battery data when connected to CarPlay and assist you on your journey by...
  15. Ford Motor Company

    Seat and Mirror Settings

    Hello All! Here is a helpful tip: When you set up your profile in SYNC your driver seat and mirror position at that time will be saved to that profile. If you later change your seat or mirror settings you will need to use the door memory button in order to update those settings. Unlike most...
  16. Ford Motor Company

    Upcoming Mach-E Livestream: 1/19 @ 9PM EST – covering feature highlights, how-to and walk-arounds

    Hi everyone, Mark your calendars – Ford is doing a livestream on January 19th at 9 pm EST – covering feature highlights, how-to and walk-arounds to get you better acquainted with your new Mustang Mach-E. And you get to ask questions via chat…specifically addressing your needs...
  17. Ford Motor Company

    PaaK Maintenance / Outage Planned 11/28

    Hey Mach-E owners, We wanted to give you all a heads up regarding an upcoming PaaK outage. On Sunday, November 28th from midnight to 6am EST, we will be updating and improving our internal systems. While these updates are taking place some outages are expected. Existing keys should continue to...
  18. Ford Motor Company

    Ford Motor Company Introduction ?

    Hi Mustang Mach-E Owners & Enthusiasts! Ford Motor Company here. We’re exhilarated to be a part of the MEF community. We will be proactively monitoring this forum and assisting you with your needs. Let us know how we can help! We are just one click away via private message. This thread was...