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  1. If you have a Mach E and feel screwed by the price slash, call Ford, or don't. LOL

    I think you should buy another GTPE to: 1) Create scarcity to drive the resultant prices up - tell a friend! 2) Dollar cost average between the two cars to bring the price you paid for the first one down!
  2. AM Radio on a ‘23 MY GT

    If the cars came with lifetime SiriusXM I would not care. But dealing with the SiriusXM call centers is so profoundly disturbing that I will never do that again. Thus AM is fine for local sports that are not on FM.
  3. AM Radio on a ‘23 MY GT

    Sports. Giants baseball games defines my need for AM radio
  4. AM Radio on a ‘23 MY GT

    After the 6.8 and 6.13 updates when I start the radio app the lowest number AM station shows up. However only FM and Sirius are choices up top! Because of this, the only way to get to AM on a consistent basis is to scan to a station you desire and then make it a preset. In theory these aren’t...
  5. PowerUp 6.8.0 released

    How is this different than what we a have with BC 1.2? I have a ‘23 GT delivered 12/22/22.
  6. Borla Active Performance Sound System Installed - Sound Clips

    Need Godzilla roar, Farts (wet and dry), air horn, and Butthead saying :”Hey baby! Want to get lucky?”
  7. Has anyone else experienced these quarks???

    Yes. Leptons appear and disappear daily
  8. Export Power via Solar Inverter DIY

    you sir are brave!
  9. Navigation preference Ford or Apple?

    You can’t.
  10. Meguiar's Ultimate Compound worked well on gloss black plastic parts but not the body ??

    Polishing compound is not for cleaning. It is for removing scratches and swirls. clay mitts and bars with lubricant are for cleaning (removing contaminant). Next comes iron remover. if you do all this and have no swirls, time for a graphene coating or PPF.
  11. U3000 Dashcam - GPS

    My U3000 is mounted in the dots area on the right side of the mirror and GPS works fine.
  12. Ford dealer installed the Thinkware dash cam. AITA for thinking this wasn't a great job?

    From a professional installer. I have actually moved it higher by removing my gate RFID sticker.
  13. Bay Area to San Diego

    I5 north of 46 is kind of a s5$& show for charging
  14. Our meeting with Jim Farley to talk about Ford EVs

    When 800V architecture become common, I believe EV charging locations will resemble current gas stations (with islands). You will be limited to a 15 min charge session if anyone is waiting.
  15. Would you go all electric vehicles? What would be your other EV?

    Waiting for my ‘24 Hummer EV 3X SUT.
  16. cleaning pano roof

    Wash it. Clay bar (or mitt) with lubricant. Rinse. Dry. Surface prep (alcohol spray). Graphene coating. Keep dry for a couple of days. Say WOW! the next time you wash or it rains. BTW: repeat process for all painted surface and glass.
  17. Great SiriusXM offers through FordPass® Rewards

    @Ford Motor Company Dealing with SiriusXM customer support is such a painful and time consuming activity most of us cut them loose as soon as the trial ends. Also their pricing is not realistic for the amount of time most of us spend in our cars. if you could arrange for Ford customers to...