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  1. jeffvick2005

    Setting Departure time on app - time zone

    I’m at the airport in Portland, flying home ti SLC where it’s been snowing. If I set a departure time of 4 pm, is that set at the time zone/location of the car or that of where I am/my phone (Portland)?
  2. jeffvick2005

    Depleted battery - stop safely now…at 76%!

    Anyone seen this? I’m 400 miles from home and got a depleted battery stop safely now even though I have 76% range..and car started fine and runs
  3. jeffvick2005

    Service Vehicle Soon...

    I was charging my car at work and I got a charging fault on the app. I went to move my vehicle and I got the dreaded SVS message on the dash. Also, the ring around the chargeport is red and I can't charge. However, the vehicle drives and there are no message in Fordpass (yet) I screwed...
  4. jeffvick2005

    My MachE listed as for sale on dealer website?

    I was a bit shocked to see my vin for sale, with dealer mark up of course. Car gets here in a few weeks. Is this normal?
  5. jeffvick2005

    Additional Ford production delays?

    I saw this article yesterday. Not sure if it will result in additional Mache delays or more of the same. I have a co-worker who had a build date that was just pushed out a month from October to November. Hopefully others aren't seeing the same...
  6. jeffvick2005

    Any Utah Peeps on here...?

    Was curious any experience you have with local dealers, including maintenance. Also, how was your production date to delivery timeline? I have a production date of 9/19, I'm hoping to get my car by Halloween or am I being too optimistic?
  7. jeffvick2005

    Stop Safely Now - post June 1st

    With the apparent new HVBJB part installed on cars produced after late May/early June, we should now be seeing those cars on the road. I'm curious if anyone with a post June 1st production date has gotten the dreaded stop safety now? Hopefully this has stopped the issue!?
  8. jeffvick2005

    Order status

    All - hopefully a silly question…I placed an order almost a month ago. When I log into the Ford website, at the top it has configure vehicle with a green check mark, and then ‘Place Order’ which it says ‘in progress’. Is that the normal order status before it’s in production? Seems odd that the...
  9. jeffvick2005

    MachE - Ford Co-Pilot - Glass roof required?

    I have a MachE on order and after hearing a few stories about the breaking of glass roofs, decided to change to a hard-top roof. When I looked at this on Ford's website, it looks like you are unable to order the Ford co-pilot Active 2.0/360 camera unless you have the glass roof. Is this true -...