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  1. First Road Trip Charging Nightmare

    Hope the family had better times at disneyland
  2. Need gas also

    Where is the tank
  3. My first time topping off the eMango at a Volta station (with pics)!

    Love them go grocery shopping cover my mile while I shop
  4. Do you really use blue cruise that often?

    I use it every time I go to work 35 miles each way and sometimes on weekend so 6 days a week. When trial runs out in 2025 I will not be continuing the service at any price.
  5. Most efficient highway cruise speed?

    Funny thing today. I’m going along at speed limit (65)for two reasons. First was efficienty second was time added to trip based on not going 70-85. First I gained .5 kWh doing this at 65 and every car on the highway passed me like was standing still in a zone that is 65 time added was less...
  6. How Do You Roll (your charging cable)?

    For more detail check out this thread also
  7. How Do You Roll (your charging cable)?

    Glad I could help. good luck with this easy project. I was going to use rollers on the cable but the hooks work fine and less money
  8. How Do You Roll (your charging cable)?

    I don’t I just pull and slide
  9. Plug & play a CD player possible??

    Check out this thread also
  10. Plug & play a CD player possible??

    What’s a CD player? Kidding as I have 1000’s burned in hard drive. I think if you them electronically you could load some to your phone. in the old days I used a fm transmitter which just broadcast a station and would set radio to that station. I don’t know why they still don’t put 8track or...
  11. Ford's Cold Weather EV Tips (do you follow these?) -- "Your EV Deserves a Little TLC" Message

    I do about 80 miles daily and yes use departure times and it helps improve Miles per Kw in the cold NH mornings. If I’m cold I turn the heat on. The cost to be warm out weights being cold I just leave it in auto if it comes on so be it.
  12. How often to charge

    Here is what I did for less than 20 bucks. Ran a 25 for dog cable with eye bolts on each end and an adjustment setter to pull cable tight, think was 12 dollars from a discount store. The attached 5 colorful locking clips that slide on the cable from one car to the other I think I got them at...
  13. Mileage drop in less than month

    16hours on charger you must be using different NH electrons than me. Mine ER premium is showing me this on this cold night and currently charging. 75 highway mils a day does not help my number fooling at 75-80 ground miles per hour
  14. Battery charging range issues

    This usually happens I been told by many when you use cheaper electron’s
  15. Mileage drop in less than month

    It may just be your filling with lower quality electrons
  16. Charging to 100% when limit set to 90%

    Same issues here since an update
  17. Battery conditioning

    You would use more electricity to heat the battery from the outside in is my though.
  18. It soon will be cheaper to drive my Ford Maverick hybrid than my MME

    Just announced by Until rates going up
  19. It soon will be cheaper to drive my Ford Maverick hybrid than my MME

    This will be my first winter as well we will see how Nh weather treats us