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  1. sotek2345

    Mach-e GTPE loses to everything

    Come on @Ford Motor Company this is just getting embarrassing.
  2. sotek2345

    Planned trip - how worried should I be about range

    This weekend my daughter and I are going Skiing and I am debating taking my F150 or our Mach-e GT. I am a little concerned about the range, but maybe I am overthinking it - looking for some feedback Trip details: ~65 miles each way / 130 miles round trip. Mostly highway (~72 to 75 mph, some...
  3. sotek2345

    GT on Icy roads

    Took the wife's Mach-e GT out grocery shopping this morning on Icy roads and in freezing rain (light rain at 28F) and was extremely impressed at how well it managed the slushy and icy roads on the stock all season tires. Between the tires and traction control system (in Whisper) gave extremely...
  4. sotek2345

    Another hands on GT review with a short drive.

    Nothing new, but another hands on review with a GT includes a little (mild) driving. Wonder how much longer the Embargo will hold.