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  1. KevinS

    “Vehicle failed to stop” when trying to remotely start

    Anyone else receive this message lately when trying to start from FordPass?
  2. KevinS

    Website gallery of automotive interfaces

    Learned of this website through my LinkedIn network: A gallery of examples of car UIs and dashboards... you can filter by brand and categories. A really interesting contrast/compare opportunity!
  3. KevinS

    Click noise from gear console when pressing brake pedal while parked (video attached)

    Yesterday I had the parking brake harness work performed and am having some issues since then that weren't there prior to the work: - there's a distinct (and loud) click noise (and you can feel the vibration on the parking brake switch) when I push down on the brake pedal. The pedal also feels...
  4. KevinS

    New noise from car after dealer service today (audio attached)

    Well, I picked up my car from the dealer (HVAC update and brake line connecter replacement) and on the way home heard a funny noise. I turned off the HVAC entirely to make the car as sound-free as possible. There's a mid-range rumble/whistle that starts when you get up to 20-25 and gets louder...
  5. KevinS

    Hyundai IONIQ 5 electric SUVs investigated after 30 power loss reports

    NHTSA’s Office of Defects Investigation (ODI) is investigating the power loss issue covering the 2022 model year Hyundai IONQ 5 electric SUVs. The department says many of the consumers have reported “a loud pop noise followed by a warning displayed in their dashboard and immediately experience...
  6. KevinS - Vehicle Dashboard has a new look

    I didn't see this mentioned before, but it looks like in the last few days when I last checked it, Ford has rolled out a new look to be consistent with the FordPass app. Gotta go check them tires!
  7. KevinS

    12V battery info able to be reported from vehicle (FordPass/research project)

    Hey all! I'm currently taking UX Design coursework and have decided to make my "add a feature to an existing product" project about FordPass and specifically the 12V battery. As we all know, 12V batteries in EVs are a problem that multiple manufacturers have, especially in the Winter. Given the...
  8. KevinS

    Second Key Fob / Reimbursement Policy - Oopsie Doopsie!

    Wanted to give everyone a heads-up that although the key fob program for Job 1 owners runs until August, the reimbursement program if you purchased a key fob ended on February 5th. How do I know this? Well, the dealer sent me the notice yesterday about it, from when I was in about it on...
  9. KevinS

    Car Plugged In/Service Vehicle Soon on IPC and a bunch of error codes present!

    Weird errors this evening; I plugged my car in to charge this evening and after about 2 hours it threw an charge fault error in FordPass. Go out to car and sure enough, red ring. Tried unplug/plug... red ring again. I unplugged it again. Started car... it gave me a message on the SYNC screen...
  10. KevinS

    Tesla bumps prices back up after new ruling

    Not a massive increase, but a bump nonetheless: " Tesla raised the price of its Model Y electric vehicle (EV) just hours after the US Treasury Department adjusted its EV tax credit rules, as first reported by...
  11. KevinS

    Car alarm keeps going off for no reason! Ready to sell the thing.

    This morning's car alarm fiasco at 5:12am has me at the end of my rope. Over the past 6 weeks or so I've had numerous times (middle of night, middle of day) where the car alarm goes off for no reason t all. One time it happened while I was at my office and just happened to be in line of sight...
  12. KevinS

    4:00 am alarm notice in FordPass - false alarm?

    I received a notice in FordPass this morning that my driver's door was opened and the alarm was set off... Going out to the car this morning, nothing was open, and no alarm was heard last night. The 4:00 am notice on FordPass seems suspicious -- was wondering if anyone else had the same thing...
  13. KevinS

    Any way to test if OTA is working or if my car is communicating with Ford via OTA?

    I don't do myself any favors by updating via FDRS, but I have heard of other instances where people's OTA is not working properly. I have a Job 1 Select AWD. I have always assumed that my FDRS updates are why I don't receive any OTA updates, but am wondering if there's a way for me to see if...
  14. KevinS

    Propulsion sounds broken?

    I have all updates applied to my car, including the recall software. I never use it day-to-day myself but had a passenger this afternoon where I wanted them to hear it in Unbridled mode. When I would flip it on -- driving or stopped -- it would enable and then disable itself again. (sad...
  15. KevinS

    FordPass ego boost (My EV Driving)

    I don't remember when Thor zapped my car while I was driving, but it certainly made my numbers look pretty good.
  16. KevinS

    SiriusXM alert at top of SYNC screen on startup - any way to disable?

    Anyone know how I can get rid of this stupid thing? I know it goes away on its own after a while, but it still masks controls in the interim.
  17. KevinS

    SYNC install update date reads 'null' (no BlueCruise)

    The iOS Scriptable widget shows my SYNC version with an error in the install date: I am fully up to date on the modules via FDRS, but BlueCruise isn't activated. I have redone the PMI process for APIM (using the official Ford procedure) with no alteration of the install date. I have also...
  18. KevinS

    Vehicle history error in FDRS

    When I logged on to FDRS today and go to the Vehicle History tab, I receive the following error: "An error occurred while processing your request. Reference #..." Has anyone else ever seen this before? Have logged in and out over different times of the day thinking it might be a temporary...
  19. KevinS

    Forscan and VIN info

    I plugged Forscan in my MME today to pull serial number information and noticed something interesting... one of my modules was attached to a VIN number different than mine (see BECM): **snip** SOBDMB - Secondary OBD Control Module B Part number: LJ98-7S008-AA Calibration level: LJ98-7S008-AA...