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  1. hybrid2bev

    OTA 4.3.5

    New OTA 4.3.5 update installed today.
  2. hybrid2bev

    My First Long Road Trip With Intelligent Range GOM -- Detroit, MI to Estes Park, CO

    I logged the details of our latest road trip for my personal use. Maybe someone will find it interesting, maybe not. I checked in on PlugShare at each charging stop. I somehow managed to get a few free sessions at EA on Friday (6/16), maybe a system issue? Key takeaways from Metro Detroit MI...
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    Exclusive: Rivian to acquire ABRP (A Better Route Planner) The deal could close in as a week – or it might have been completed as this goes to print. Sources tell Electrek that Rivian has been in talks to acquire the world’s most popular EV route planning service...
  4. hybrid2bev

    What is Ford doing here?

    Saw these two Ford cars decked out with LiDAR sensors on I-94 near Dearborn. The can on top was spinning very quickly. Ford closed down ARGO AI already. BC mapping? Level 3 ADAS work?
  5. hybrid2bev

    Amprius Creates a 500Wh/kg Battery

    Unparalleled Run Time Lithium-Ion Battery Cell, Energy Density Verified by Independent Test Lab Continues Track Record of Delivering Breakthrough Results in Evolution of Silicon Anode Shipping Prototypes to Select Customers This Year...
  6. hybrid2bev

    Log Broken Chargers on PlugShare

    How many times do we see a "10" rating on PlugShare, but the comments are full of broken dispenser comments? If I roll up to a DCFC location and dispensers are down I've started to make multiple entries for that location. For example, if 2 of the 4 dispensers are down I'll make 3 entries...
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    Ford & VW-backed Argo AI (autonomous vehicle startup) is shutting down

    Argo AI, an autonomous vehicle startup that burst on the scene in 2017 stacked with a $1 billion investment, is shutting down — its parts being absorbed into its two main backers: Ford and VW, according to people familiar with the matter. During an all-hands meeting Wednesday, Argo AI employees...
  8. hybrid2bev

    FORD RELEASES NEW BATTERY CAPACITY PLAN, with lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries for Mach-E Ford has added battery chemistries and secured contracts delivering 60 gigawatt hours (GWh) of annual battery capacity to deliver global 600,000 EV run rate by late 2023...
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    Spring Break Road Trip Detroit to Orange Beach, AL - with data

    About 2,100 miles round trip taking our 2 teenage boys and the wife on spring break from NE Metro Detroit to Orange Beach, AL (just east of Gulf Shores, AL). Temps were in the mid-40s when we left home. Temps around mid-50s in KY and low 60s in TN and low-mid 70s in AL. Cabin temp set to 68 Auto...
  10. hybrid2bev

    Behind the Blue Oval: A Conversation About Ford Driver Assist Thursday Feb. 17 at 3 p.m. EST

    Do you know anyone who might be interested in understanding what it’s like to work in one of the fastest growing tech fields at Ford? If you do, please share this link to register for “Behind the Blue Oval: A Conversation About Ford Driver Assist” taking place on Thursday Feb. 17 at 3 p.m. EST...
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    Ford to Webcast Fireside Chat with Company Leaders

    CEO Jim Farley to discuss company’s Ford+ Plan for growth at the Wolfe Global Auto Conference Sustainability Chief Bob Holycross and Treasurer Dave Webb to highlight Ford’s ESG-related initiatives and financing actions at the RBC ESG Conference DEARBORN, Mich., Feb. 15, 2022 – Ford Motor...
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    Happy Anniversary!

    One year ago today I took delivery of this beautiful Mustang Mach-E Premium 4X. It’s been a great year!
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    The 2021 JDRF-Ford Online Auction is open NOW!

    The 2021 JDRF-Ford Online Auction is open NOW! Ford Motor Company and JDRF are partnering for the 17th year to present an exciting online auction, today through Friday, November 19 at 11:59pm EST. Ford Motor Company has raised more than $70 million to fight type 1 diabetes. NO other company has...
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    FORD, FORD CREDIT Introduce Sustainable Financing Framework

    FORD, FORD CREDIT Introduce Sustainable Financing Framework Prioritizing EV, Clean Production, Community Investments First-of-its-kind framework among North America-based automakers supports Ford+ plan to grow, create value for customers, investors, other stakeholders Will guide Ford’s...
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    5 Midwestern governors agree to create a network to charge electric vehicles

    The governors of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin are joining forces to build a new network for charging electric vehicles. The bipartisan plan aims to improve the region's economy while also reducing toxic emissions from cars and trucks. The new plan is called REV Midwest —...