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  1. markboris

    EA station overcharged by almost triple the amount delivered

    Not that this would go unnoticed by anyone charging their car but still thought I would mention it just in case...... Every few months, I drive down to Fresno airport (236 mile round trip) to pick up/bring back friends. Yesterday, on my way home from the airport, I stopped where I have charged...
  2. markboris

    Eibach GT Pro-Kit Lowering Springs on a GTPE

    There is a thread on Eibach lift springs that Pat posted ( so I thought I would start one on their lowering springs and more specifically on a GTPE. I've had several members ask me...
  3. markboris

    Future Dash?

    I just saw the new dash layout for the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus (future Edge?) and really like it a lot. The lower part is kind of similar to the Mach-E but I like the upper full width display. Anyway, thought I would see what others think about it.
  4. markboris

    My staggered wheel/tire setups - info, specs, opinions.

    WARNING: This is another one of my long posts… 😊 I’ve had many members direct message me asking about running a staggered wheel/tire setup so thought I would post what I’ve learned with the Mach-E over the past couple of years. I’ve gone through all my messages and collected the questions I’ve...
  5. markboris

    UPDATED: Replacing Rear Shocks: Reducing the rear end bounce.

    For a parts list and instructions on how to adapt the Koni shocks to fit the Mach-E (non GTPE) scroll down to UPDATE For instructions on how to replace the shocks, Erik posted a video here #388 There are thousands of Mach-E owners that are very happy with the ride, then there are those that...
  6. markboris

    One Month With Air Suspension, Now Back to Stock

    So I thought I would try out air suspension..... I mainly was after a less bouncy, smoother ride, NOT that I have roads around here that give me the super bad harmonic bounce over expansion joints that many others get but I do have irregular road surfaces that can get the car to hop about. My...
  7. markboris

    Replacing ChargePoint HomeFlex cord with a 40'

    There have been a few members asking me to post how I changed out the supplied 23’ charging cord on my ChargePoint HomeFlex with a 40’ so here goes. While you can just get an extension cord, I didn’t want another cord hanging around in my garage. I have a two car garage but it is almost the size...
  8. markboris

    Adding a Direct Camera Switch - DIY how-to instructions

    NOTE: In working with two others on this mod, I've come to find out the latest version of FORScan (2.3.49) needs to be updated to be compatible with the '22 model Mach-E. This mod works on the '21's as you are able to modify the IPMA but are not able to on the '22's just yet. I’ve had...
  9. markboris

    Splash Screens

    Thought I would post videos of the 4 splash screens that actually work on the Mach-E's display. While there are many screens to choose from, most don't display properly since they were probably designed for a smaller screen so the Ford logo becomes distorted and is virtually round. This is...
  10. markboris

    Arizona Sold: GTPE Wheels and Tires for sale

    Backstory: I owned a '21 Premium with my favorite aftermarket wheels/tires which I kept when I got my '21 GTPE. I installed the GTPE wheels/tires on my Premium and sold it to my friend Joe in Arizona. He just bought aftermarket wheels/tires for his Premium so is selling the GTPE wheels/tires...
  11. markboris

    Enhance the Look and Feel of your Mach-E Interior!

    I've got used to the 5 SPURS custom Gear Shifter cover and Start Button in my Shelby GT500. The quality and refinement of these parts give it a Ford GT Supercar look and feel. I reached out to Kevin at 5 SPURS hoping to bring this same experience to the Mach-E. I'm excited to say the Mach-E...
  12. markboris

    Removing Visor Warning Stickers

    I was asked by Rod in another thread to explain how I removed the visor warning stickers so here it is. I do many small mods like this on my cars but rarely post them unless asked. I am not a fan of bright yellow and white stickers messing up the look of a black interior and most of my...
  13. markboris

    Interior Accent Lighting (Ice Blue)

    I created a thread in the DIY Guide Forum #1 but thought maybe I should post a couple of photos here also.
  14. markboris

    Adding Interior Accent Lighting

    I realized after I saw the beautiful interior photos of the Mercedes EQS thread, I figured I would make one on how I added some accent lighting in my car. I went with the color ice blue for two reasons. One, to match all the switch lighting and the down-lights in the overhead console (which...
  15. markboris

    Eights months with Premium, three days with GT/PE

    In several other threads here these past few months, I have mentioned my 3 reasons for wanting to switch from a Premium to a GT/PE (seats, magneride suspension and different front end) but decided to make a thread now that I actually have both. I've been asked to check if the OEM premium wheels...
  16. markboris

    Shelby Mustang Mach-E GT Concept at SEMA

    This concept was shown a few days ago at SEMA but did't see it here on this forum. If I missed it, then delete this thread.
  17. markboris

    Having Puddle Lamps come on anytime you open Mach-E door

    Let me start out by saying I never see the puddle lamps light up on my Mach-E because I don't have the welcome lighting feature turned on. Even if I did, they would only come on when the car is locked, mirrors are folded and you approach it starting from outside the PAAK/fob range. The reason...
  18. markboris

    Grabber Blue Mach-E GT Performance Edition at Oshkosh Airshow (Exterior + Interior)

    A friend of mine just took these photos for me at the Oshkosh airshow. While the base GT has all black seats with black miko suede and copper stitching, the Performance Edition has black seats with gray miko suede with an inset metallic design and silver stitching. The door panels and dash...
  19. markboris

    Customized my Mach-E steering wheel

    Along with some other forum members here, I really liked the pre-production steering wheel that Ford had shown with the space gray interior in their press photos. The steering wheel was trimmed off in space gray on the lower section. Back a few months ago, I contacted Leo over at Exclusive...
  20. markboris

    Adding an inside Liftgate Power Switch

    I was at a friends this morning who also has a Mach-E and she said the one thing she misses is a simple power button to open and close the liftgate. She doesn't like having to turn the car to accessory and make three selections on the center screen. She just wants to push a button. I thought...