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  1. Tesla Supercharger network now up to 53 locations with Magic Dock (2/22/24)

    Yonkers, NY (just outside NYC) now seems to have an active Magic Dock location.
  2. Loud Snap Sounds From Windshield?

    This is something I've noticed since we bought the car new as well. Glad I'm not the only one who has noticed it. Seems to most often happen when you hit a patch of sun early in the morning (when it is otherwise pretty shady) or have just exited a garage into much warmer outside air, so I've...
  3. Ford to Offer Complimentary Tesla Supercharger Adapter to Eligible Mach-E Owners (1/31/24 Update)

    I had a good experience with the EA network on the I81 corridor between Woodstock, Va and Harrisburg, PA last June. Tesla access would be great as additional options as there aren't a lot of other options other than in Hagerstown, MD
  4. Ford’s New eCommerce Direct Vehicle Purchase Platform for EVs Now Live (bypasses dealer negotiating)

    I'm in NJ and the closest dealerships listed are in Ohio. I don't think any of the northeast dealerships are in the new system yet.
  5. PSEG off peak discount for EV charging

    Huh, had you been getting them before? When did you enroll in the program? I think it took a cycle or two after approval for the credits to start coming. One thing I noticed is that they apparently aren't accepting EnelX chargers anymore. I hope this won't eventually impact existing EnelX...
  6. Financing Balloon after Ford Options

    Curious whether 'rescheduling' the balloon payment with Ford Finance (and maintaining the same loan interest rate) means that this does not require a new loan contract/credit check? If all it entails is just a phone call and less than $1,000 in additional interest over the remaining life of the...
  7. PSEG off peak discount for EV charging

    Well, it seems the PSE&G data aggregation issue from their vendor has now been resolved, as our latest bill included more than $100 in credits covering the past four or five months of home charging (we don't drive very much, I think it represented about 1,000 kw in charging overall
  8. PSEG off peak discount for EV charging

    Our household has been part of this program since fall '22. It was a pleasant surprise once they implemented the additional savings with the off-peak credit-- I think it started in June of '23. That said, since September of '23 PSEG has put the program on pause (at least for some but I assume...
  9. I got 6.13.0 just now (driver facing camera improvements)

    I can verify this update is being pushed to non-EA 22s now. Next up, Blue Cruise 1.4? Only major 6.x update I can't recall getting so far is the diagnostic/Voldemort update.
  10. Power Up 6.6.0

    It came up in my FordPass/in car as an update that would trigger at my scheduled update time. It installed successfully overnight.
  11. Power Up 6.6.0

    This is getting pushed to my '22 tonight. Not in EA.
  12. "Reset your password..." email

    Wouldn't resetting the password automatically cut off access or can these companies continue to access your car's data through previous credentials?
  13. Fordpass issue? See this thread. Seems related to issues I and others have reported in various threads over the past few months. Surprised Ford hasn't figured this one out yet because not everyone should...
  14. SSM 51228 - Inoperative FordPass Remote Features

    Interesting. When this happened to me, my vehicle was on 3.6.1. However, it had been over a month since it had received that OTA. Since I reset the fuse, I have received 3.6.2, 4.1.1 and 4.1.2 and everything has been working just fine.
  15. 2023 Select having issues with "Connected Vehicle Features" (not syncing with FordPass "Connected Services")

    The numbers are hard to see but there. There is also a diagram in the manual to help you find the right one. Any fuse removal/reinstall should be done carefully so you don't accidentally lose any fuses in the abyss below the box.
  16. SSM 51228 - Inoperative FordPass Remote Features

    This happened to me yesterday as well and the fuse trick worked (though not before I dropped the fuse and almost lost it in the abyss below the box-- woops) Seems like these threads are related...
  17. 2023 Select having issues with "Connected Vehicle Features" (not syncing with FordPass "Connected Services")

    My FordPass app quit connecting to my car over the past 24 hours and I got the same behavior as your video when trying to confirm connected vehicle features in Sync. This thread, specifically this post helped:
  18. Well THAT sucks!!! Bad scuff on the bumper and cracked my headlight

    Just another data point... My body shop/insurance estimate quoted $1,666 for a new headlamp and 1,3333 for a reconditioned headlamp. Of the dozens of parts needed for my body shop repair (not going to go into the details here) one of the headlamps is proving extremely hard to get (ordered over a...
  19. Happy accident at Ford service! I got the new updated SYNC 4A installed!! Non Early-Access

    Technically Ford did allow it- the '21 and '22 Select w/ Comfort Tech allowed both the metal roof and cameras. But then you would've been compromising on other things I imagine!
  20. Ford Checkout / Complete your Purchase

    Nope. The financing part of the site didn't work at all for me, though it was back in May so that issue may have been fixed. I came in armed with all of my supporting documentation and previous dealer communication and it ended up working out just fine.