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  1. ferrin

    Over-the-top anti EV propaganda piece

    Weird that the guys who brands himself as "Carbon King" on his Twitter account would write a piece like this. 🤣
  2. ferrin

    Ford’s New eCommerce Direct Vehicle Purchase Platform for EVs Now Live (bypasses dealer negotiating)

    I guess this is good news for folks who don't want to haggle, but with the amount of stock that's out there currently, I'm sure you can get a better price if you're willing to have some back and forth with a dealer. I bought mine at the end of November and got a better deal than anything that...
  3. ferrin

    Macan EV Official Specs & Photos Revealed

    Isn't there an $80k price limit for the tax incentive?
  4. ferrin

    Ford suggests upcoming Performance Upgrade

    It's because when people buy a car, they want to actually own the car they bought. If you buy a car that has a subscription for heated seats, or extra HP, the company you bought from already built in the hardware regardless. So now it's just whether or not the company is going to allow you to...
  5. ferrin

    EV Cheating Scandal [LOCKED DUE TO POLITICS]

    LOL. Haven't kept up on WSJ in recent years, huh?
  6. ferrin

    Introducing The 2024 Mach-E GT Bronze Appearance Package

    I like the green, and I think the bronze wheels look good with it. But that bronze grill is hideous.
  7. ferrin

    Tesla Model Y vs Mustang Mach-E (my thoughts)

    Comparing watch choices to this kind of thing is ridiculous. A smart watch is an entirely different type of product. It's not like cars didn't have audio systems, wipers, headlights, and climate control before those kinds of things were enabled by the presence of a touch screen. Putting the...
  8. ferrin

    Tesla Model Y vs Mustang Mach-E (my thoughts)

    My 17 year old thinks touchscreens for important car controls are bad. She was just talking yesterday about how easy it is on her older Subaru to find the button she's looking for just by feel.
  9. ferrin

    I got 6.13.0 just now (driver facing camera improvements)

    I got 6.13 yesterday, and to my dismay, it nuked all of my radio presets. Not the end of the world, but I had to spend time reprogramming all of them, which was a fair annoyance.
  10. ferrin

    Charging issue

    I'm experiencing the same issue with my 2023 RWD Premium (July 2023 build). I've only had the car a few weeks so I didn't even realize this wasn't supposed to be happening. Glad to hear a fix might be coming soon.
  11. ferrin

    Charging summary data bugged in Fordpass app?

    Hi all. I've noticed that the charging data in the Fordpass app don't seem to be accurate or make any sense. When I plugged in yesterday I was in the low 70% on the battery so the charge session that brought me to 85% added 40 some miles of range. But the details show only 3 miles added, and...