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    We heard you - new dash design

    Sure, but you have to know the conversion factor for light-minutes>mph.
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    The Death of the Gas Station.

    It’s not hate to state facts. He has a vanity legal agreement with the actual founders that allow him to claim - contrary to reality - that he is also a founder. The comment “hired good scientists…” is far more accurate than the comment “figured out.” Again, facts matter. I don’t disagree that...
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    20-30 years for EV transition?

    Nothing in California's 2035 law would require you to give up the Highlander anyway. Only new vehicles sold would be required to be ZEV. It allows a natural phase-out of remaining non-ZEV cars as they are wrecked, stop working, or are retired at their owners' choice. You're probably right that...
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    The Death of the Gas Station.

    lol, that crazy dude didn't found Tesla - he bought it. And the other sentence is only accurate if, by "figured out," you mean "hired good scientists and engineers to do the actual figuring out."
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    Wireless charging

    VERY known for Mach-E. Search the forum for “phone charger” and you’ll get dozens of hits. The car’s built-in charger is trash. I haven’t seen the redesigned rubber pad, but someone said it’s slightly thinner, allowing the the phone to sit closer to the charger and reducing heat generated. Just...
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    Mud Flaps missing?

    Your phone will do email, will it not? Just email yourself the photos and then post them from your computer, or whatever you’re using that is already logged into the forum.
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    Wireless charging

    Another vote for TWRAPS. It literally can’t void your warrantee. Consumer protection laws exist that require warrantees to remain in place even with the addition of (minor, reasonable) 3rd party mods - and this mod isn’t permanent. If you were to remove it and put the rubber mat back in its...
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    One pedal braking

    In 1-pedal mode, the brake lights are controlled by an accelerometer. If the car is slowing down rapidly (comparable to intentional braking in 2-pedal mode), the accelerometer senses this and turns on the brake lights. If you're just modulating the pedal and the car is behaving more like it's...
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    Power Up 6.x Poll

    I got 23-PU0725-CLM-FX on January 26th. Took my baby in to the body shop last week to repair some rear end damage done by an idiot following me too closely over the holidays, and got it back yesterday with 23-PU0907-RAN-ON having installed while it was there. At least, that's what it says in the...
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    Parking on a dime…literally.

    They should just coat coins with the bad-tasting stuff they put on coin-cell batteries. Because otherwise spare change is delicious, amirite? 🤣
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    I Got Another FREE 12 Months of Bluecruise!!

    The car is capable of preconditioning whenever its software tells it to. Presently, the only time the software does so is when you're approaching a DCFC that you have routed to in the built-in navigation app or when you have a programmed departure time. All Ford would have to do to open...
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    Over-the-top anti EV propaganda piece

    You claim to understand how the climate works, yet your example is one of economics and continued oil discovery, wholly unrelated to climate.
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    Over-the-top anti EV propaganda piece

    Correct, you shouldn't go there because you're showing us that you are the one believing made-up science. Yes, the global climate changes over time in cycles measured in geologic ages. The made-up part is that the current, vastly accelerated change is part of that natural cycle.
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    Hertz Shelby Mach-E GT-H Spotted

    I wonder if these will be as abused as those were. Guys would rent them just to drag race them on the weekend. 🤣
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    Over-the-top anti EV propaganda piece

    I don't see it, either. I do see a section discussing how recycling capacity is increasing to 25% with planned infrastructure being built. There's no reason why it can't keep climbing from there, too. Aren't quite a lot of Tesla batteries, at least, reused as Powerwalls? That's even better than...
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    Over-the-top anti EV propaganda piece

    Yes, short-SIGHTedness is expensive. Like the short-sightedness of hiding/denying the known climatic effects of burning fossil fuels for the past 40 years just so oil industry execs and shareholders could get richer. Now we as a society spend tens of billions of dollars a year dealing with the...
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    My Premium AWD is in a movie

    Yeah, I've been on sets where they've done that. I used to do extras work in productions that filmed in the SF Bay Area. Fun times.
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    My Premium AWD is in a movie

    There's also a Mach-E in the recently-released Hulu movie "Vacation Friends 2" starring Lil Rel Howery and John Cena (why are Mach-Es only in movies starring wrestlers?). It appears for just two brief moments as part of the uninvolved traffic in the car chase scene near the end.
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    Power Up 6.x Poll

    If you go to and login it should tell you what your status is. Mine says "waitlisted." 😕