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  1. luckie

    Tesla Charging Close?

    It will be interesting to learn WHICH V3 Tesla SuperChargers will be more accessible than others for the Mach-E. If there are no barriers and you drive straight in you car needs to almost kiss the front of the V3 charger for the short cable to reach (but it can). Whether a particular station...
  2. luckie

    How long does pre-conditioning last?

    Sorry to resurrect this thread from the dead from almost two months ago, BUT, I'm curious, if you did not precondition BUT suddenly knew you have to roadtrip somewhere in 1hr, perhaps hitting the "Charge to 100%" button(?) in FordPass might both add to the battery SOC and warm it some?
  3. luckie

    Looking forward to Tesla Supercharger Adaptor but....

    Of course, once any DCFC/SuperCharger station is available for a variety of EVs, there are no longer very specific "correct" places for the vehicles to park.
  4. luckie

    Latest Software Version?

    People are getting updates every day, yesterday, today, tomorrow, lol, OTAs save Ford millions of dollars, they will never go away. They are permanent for gas and electric vehicles from all companies forever.
  5. luckie

    Just noticed this happening with my side mirrors

    After the car is off, overnight, his type of software glitch may never happen again. If you read this forum and others after a while you come to understand that the car is a first generation model from a company making its very first "modern" EV. It will have software glitches. Some find the...
  6. luckie

    Just noticed this happening with my side mirrors

    If it happens on *both* side mirrors, and at the same time in a synchronized fashion, that's more interesting. Suggests software rather than hardware issue. And you seem to being saying it does this little dance ONLY when opening up, but not when closing. This seems novel. Software bug issues...
  7. luckie

    Ford reports Q4 earnings and Farley reveals new small affordable EV Platform being developed by skunkworks team

    This was unexpected, dude, where did all the negative energy come from? 🤔
  8. luckie

    Ford’s New eCommerce Direct Vehicle Purchase Platform for EVs Now Live (bypasses dealer negotiating)

    It appears that of all the new companies selling EVs in the US, Ford sold the most in Q4, Q3 and all of 2023. So guess some people want MMEs and Lightnings.
  9. luckie

    Ford’s New eCommerce Direct Vehicle Purchase Platform for EVs Now Live (bypasses dealer negotiating)

    Regarding sales, sure, yet for the availability of Service Centers (at dealerships) they add a bit of value.
  10. luckie

    Comparing DCFC costs to gas prices

    So that is a $60k per charger estimate. Interesting. That lines up pretty(?) well with the $250-400k bids Tesla is giving to US cities to install a V4 SuperCharger station, which is far lower than the $1M bids other vendors are submitting. I guess they might just do a four-charger station(?)...
  11. luckie

    Comparing DCFC costs to gas prices

    … And Installing and maintaining a DCFC station costs = ?
  12. luckie

    Best Charging Stations to use when on a road trip in Canada and US

    Some day in the future you *will* have a choice, but today, most of the time in the US, you are just happy when there are *any* DCFC chargers along/near your route.
  13. luckie

    EV Cheating Scandal [LOCKED DUE TO POLITICS]

    First, I want to get in on this $100 for not using cocaine thing. I like it! I'm hoping it is $100/month. I'm curious tho, haven't many of us already possibly(?) participated in an incentive for buying an EV that we might have bought even without it? Maybe just a few of us are like "Tesla" in...
  14. luckie

    PSA: Keep The Battery Warm So You Have Enough Cabin Heat

    Curious: On a related matter, might preconditioning the large battery also provide additional time for active charging to the 12V battery?
  15. luckie

    Mach-Lee's Mach-E Cold Weather Testing [Taking Requests]

    Hmmm this reminds me, since LFP batteries need better BMS support than NCM batteries to perform optimally in cold weather, I am curious how well are they doing for new Mach-E owners?
  16. luckie

    CarPlay EV Routing Is Not Visible

    Sorry to hear you are dealing with this. Good news is you are at the best forum for help. I too really enjoy Apple CarPlay and Apple Maps. Once you get this fixed, I also recommend you check out the built-in Navigation. I found it can grow on you over time and has some features no others do...
  17. luckie

    Will your car still pre-condition the battery on schedule if it is outside of the preferred charging times on your app

    So, if you have a short commute, and rather than short charging sessions each night which are less helpful in keeping the 12V battery in good shape, to achieve the @Mach-Lee proposed idea to have the car charge after a few days, maybe just on weekends, after it has built up a greater deficit to...
  18. luckie

    Preconditioning the battery before fast charging is no longer happening

    Well, I'm sure you know this, but increasing the efficiency by which power from the battery leads to more miles is a bit more than shaking out bugs in the software. Similar to asking Ford to fix it so that your Shelby muscle car would get way better gas mileage at 80mph.