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  1. WI Mach e Fan

    You can't road-trip in an EV...hold my beer

    What app/device are you using to show all of the temps?
  2. WI Mach e Fan

    Can’t use my car again? Think I’m done Ford.

    My 2021 as been sitting at the dealership since November 2 waiting for parts! Ford can you help me out? This is crazy!!!
  3. WI Mach e Fan

    Setting not staying as scheduled.

    Doing it on the center console. Talked to ford rep this morning. There is no save option on the console. I was told to take it to my dealer.
  4. WI Mach e Fan

    Setting not staying as scheduled.

    I can program the auto software update and then check a day later and it has reverted back to no schedule. Same thing for pre-conditioning.
  5. WI Mach e Fan

    Smart Solar Charging

    I like others have 37 panels on my roof for a max of 11.4 KWh with a SolarEdge inverter. I have my inverter set to use excess solar energy, but it really doesn't matter when I charge since we are on Xcel net energy plan. They pay retail rate for any energy we produce that is more than we need...
  6. WI Mach e Fan

    Fordpass 4.26.0 (Android Version)

    Mine is really slow to update, but it eventually does. But I cannot depend on it connecting to schedule my departure times.
  7. WI Mach e Fan

    Fordpass Location stopped working almost completely, amongst other maladies

    My FP does the same thing, I cannot trust it to save departure time, so I go out to the car and program it. I often wonder how soon before you're scheduled to leave does it start the pre-conditioning?
  8. WI Mach e Fan

    Can't open "Vehicle Hotspot" and can't see home WiFi

    Yes, I've done the sync reboot. Ford customer service tried lots of things but nothing works, so they said to take it to the Ford dealer which will happen next week.
  9. WI Mach e Fan

    Can't open "Vehicle Hotspot" and can't see home WiFi

    I cannot open "Vehicle Hotspot" and vehicle does not see our wifi networks in our home. I get this message "Vehicle Hotspot isn't available right now. Please try again later". I do have an active unlimited plan with AT&T
  10. WI Mach e Fan

    Ford Service Action 22B10

    ADDITIONAL REMOTE CONTROL AND KEY BLANK My new key fob has been ordered and will be programmed next week. 😊
  11. WI Mach e Fan

    Noisy Brakes

    Got Blue Cruise installed. Very cool!!
  12. WI Mach e Fan

    Noisy Brakes

    I can't get in to have the work done until May 11.
  13. WI Mach e Fan

    Noisy Brakes

    Sounds like they will replace all of the pads and turn the rotors when parts are available.
  14. WI Mach e Fan

    Noisy Brakes

    No, but I've got a Ford rep working on the problem.