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  1. Sacramento service departments

    Folsom Lake Ford and Elk Grove Ford have great service departments but I’ve only taken in ICE vehicles. I haven’t had to service my Mach E yet but will be scheduling for Elk Grove Ford in the next few weeks as I’m just over 10k
  2. Electrify America - Credit where credit is due!

    For what it’s worth, half of the chargers were down when I took my trip from Sacramento to Vegas in August. I’m glad they have them all up and running now!
  3. Native AM Radio

    I have a 2023 Select and I have never been able to manually select AM radio, but three times when I’ve started the car the AM radio started playing on its own and then after a few seconds switches back to FM radio. The screen even shows AM and the station on the little button and then changes...
  4. Modifications to end nanny-car harassment, nagging & beeping annoyances?

    I don’t have to prove you wrong about disabling the sound. I never said that was illegal, just ill advised. You mentioned a fake engine sound but we are only discussing the backup alert sound. You can find studies that prove there are increased incidents of pedestrian and bicycle crashes...
  5. Modifications to end nanny-car harassment, nagging & beeping annoyances?

    It is legally required to have a pedestrian alert sound, just not that specific sound. I’m not sure how you KNOW it does not make your car safer unless you’ve done a peer reviewed study. You're making up facts just because the sounds annoy you. It’s great that you’re happy but it’s definitely...
  6. "Drive mode unavailable"

    I’ve experienced the same issue as I usually drive in whisper mode.